They are just starting to flower.

I've had a wonderful couple of winter's days filled up with friends, music, and treasures. Mainly non-gardening ones, oops. Yesterday I had breakfast with a friend, then I found some old-school thick wooden animal jigsaws at the Op shop. Yeay! I love these.

Then drove across town to have lunch with the new baby. Decided that new babies are wonderfully responsive. We had a long, smiley, conversation about what he was. 'You're a baby' I'd say, and he'd grin his goofy grin. Heart-warming stuff.

So much nicer that the affirmation conversations I try to have with my dogs. For example, this happens far too frequently : 'Pebbles, you are a dog. No response from Pebbles. Undaunted, I continue : 'Pebbles, you are a dog. And I am not a dog. Please do not bark at me.'

I did an hour of gardening at the new baby's house, sitting on a brick path trying to remove creepy grass roots from a circular bed. Bricks in winter - cold and slimy with moss. Cold bottom and cold fingers. Got home too late to do my own garden.

 Brilliantly red.
Colourful Crab-Apples

Today, a musical morning : swimming, chamber music, followed by my madrigals singing group. We are practicing for a performance. I was going to do so much gardening when I got home. Honestly.

Too cold...

Nope. No way. Lasted ten minutes. It was raining. Checked the temperature - only five degrees Celsius. Too wet and too cold for me. Lit the wood-burner, put on warm, dry clothes, marvelled (yet again) at the instantly soothing effect of clean woollen socks. Then did some practice for my jazz choir rehearsal. 'Diddly bap n doo da...'