Thinking ahead...

Getting ready for colder weather - collecting pine cones from the front paddock, stacking firewood by the back door. Thinking ahead for the house as well as the garden.

 Waiting to be stacked in the woodshed - the firewood, that it, not the cat!
Fred on the Firewood

So I've planted more of my new shrubs. The lucky garden recipient is the Frisbee Border, which definitely needs re-shrubbing. Two Hebes and two fat leaf Cordylines are in the ground so far. It took me ages because I had to pull out lots of weeds first.

Thursday 27th April

Today I scraped out heaps of rubbish from the garden at the top of the Frisbee Lawn, just along from the dogs' kennels. I dug the edge, put down more stones, then divided and replanted pieces of miniature Agapanthus along it.

 Underneath the gum tree.
Dog Kennels and Garden

I removed lots and lots of gum bark. Building a garden underneath a towering Eucalyptus tree - what was I thinking? Best not to answer that. And one of the dog kennels is almost hidden by Anemanthele grasses. I don't think the dogs care about their garden being tidy at all.

Friday 28th April

Wow. So much to do, but very satisfying now that the edge between my garden and the paddock lawn is now so well-defined. I did lots more cleaning up, but only managed to plant two more Hebes. Then I cranked up the bonfire.

 The 2023 version.
The Autumn Bonfire

But oh boy! It's taking me absolutely ages to plant everything.

Now for a wonderful reward - a bagful of new library books. Not one gardening book, though. Autumn needs to be a practical season, a season of doing stuff. There'll be time enough for reading and oggling at pretty perennial borders when winter arrives.