Four things - four days...

Four things to do - a list of four, random, and rather interesting things, a fringe list of garden tasks, if that makes sense. Item One is to carefully investigate a hole in the ground by Willow Bridge. Slimline buzzy things are flying in and out of it.

 In the Herb Spiral.
Honey Bee on a Poached Egg Flower

A bees nest or a wasps nest? Preparatory research and knowledge : Over 60% of bee species live in underground nests. Bees are to be encouraged. Wasps are nasty and have really bright yellow stripes.

Plant the Lavenders...

The second item is to plant Lavenders by the dog kennel. These have been gifted by my friend, and to be honest they look totally dead. But Lavenders at this time of year can look dodgy anyway. If they grow, they grow. Actually, buying in some new Lavender plants would be a great idea. The one in the photograph below was so beautiful when it was first planted.

 By the side of Winnies dog kennel

The third is to weed out the grass in the back of the built up stone-walled garden by the boundary, and transplant in Agapanthus.

Trim the Potato Vine

And the fourth is to trim back the potato vine (Solanum laxum) near the garage, showing no mercy, and get the large Viburnum shrub sawn off at ground level. Brown and silver leaves again, not a good look, and I can't be bothered spraying it. It's a cheap-as-chips shrub, anyway.

 Always green, always in flower...
Potato Vine

Four days later...

OK, it took four days, but there were four things, and I've sort of finished everything. It's already rained rather nicely on the new Agapanthus plantings. While planting them I discovered a huge hole in my dog-fence - this explains how Pebbles has been turning up on next door's driveway so easily. Nailed up a new piece of hen netting. Ha! A bit naughty (and a bit nosy), my girl dog Pebbles, and not so easy to recall.


Gone! The Viburnum and excess pieces of the potato vine are removed and burnt. I also chopped down rogue pieces of bamboo (oops) which had popped up in the wrong places, and collected up heaps of dead Cordyline leaves for the bonfire. Have rewarded myself by online ordering some miniature daffodils. Little darlings!

Do honey bees dither?

But I can't get very near to that buzzy hole in the ground. Am still not sure that they are bees. They fly very purposefully and quite fast, almost in straight lines in and out of the hole. No dithering around. Does that make them bees? Hope so.