Roses in autumn

My goodness I love roses. They are obviously gorgeous in their main flowering season. But now, in middle to late autumn, there are isolated blooms on many of the rose shrubs. And some have saved their second flowering flush until now. So generous.

Yesterday I worked in the back lawn gardens near the house, where some of these photographs were taken. I planted some spare roses and perennials, and weeded around the Herb Spiral. The Orlaya seedlings I scattered around it's encircling garden have - oops - germinated rather ferociously.

 A favourite flowering annual.

Orlaya is the prettiest annual flower, and I've often wondered why more gardeners don't grow it. None of the Google entries mention it as being a nuisance, even when growing in its natural places. Hmm... All I can think of is that the seeds are very, very sticky for dog fur and gardening legs.

 The dogs.
Waiting for Something To Happen

Today the plan is to walk around a lot with the dogs, but maybe not garden so much, since it's misty and a bit drizzly. Funny, funny weather - can't get two days the same. Will keep the log-burner going, and if I get bored (unlikely) I will read one of my new books. Or clean my fingernails and do some piano practice. Hmm...

Goodbye to April

Goodbye to April, which has been quite a wet month. Not a problem here, though.