Hello roses

Wandering around the garden, stopping to smell the roses - actually, pushing my camera into their faces as well as my nose. Think of it as saying hello! Am enjoying the colours, the arrangements of petals. I love the singles and the rose clusters, with young buds, old buds, and full-bloom midlife flowers together.

Maybe you'll see your favourite rose. Maybe, like me, you've just got far too many favourites to be able to pick one. Hope sharing my rose pictures will share my happiness. I love roses.

Regarding fragrance - it's often the last thing I check when trying to identify a rose. But I think my nose has rediscovered Gertrude Jeckyl, who spent some months with no label in a pot before being relocated in the Hump Rose Garden. A chance for her to enjoy a better rose life.

Pastels or brights? Shrubby roses or hybrid teas? Ramblers with robust intentions, or tiny roses suitable for delicate posies? I love them all.