Planting things...

 Looking a bit sleepy!
Minimus in her Cane Chair

Wahoo! Strike up the band! Speckles my stray cat, has been coming for his meals again. Some mornings I find him sitting in Minimus's cat basket, sometimes on her white cane chair, sometimes on the doormat staring in, looking sad and lonely (he isn't). Minimus my cottage cat is so generous, sharing her cushions etc. And sharing her Cat Mother!

A Speckles Special

This morning was a Speckles Special. So special! I found him stretched out with his eyes half closed in a proper cat snoozing position on Minimus's cane chair. Aww.... Progress? I cooed and sweet-talked to him with my eyes half-closed - as one does. He stretched out even more, totally relaxed. Breakfast time! Then he sauntered off along the path, without a backward glance. Not even a full-tummied 'Thank-you Mother' chirp. A most peculiar cat.

 A David Austin rose.
Mary Rose

Forgotten roses...

Counted up the new roses I'd planted - some were missing. Oops. Had forgotten I'd stashed them with their roots in the water race. Luckily they hadn't washed off downstream. Planted them in the Hump Garden, and watered them for hours while I cleaned up the garden's edge. The lawns have been mowed, and everything looks pink and fluffy (thanks to the Campion). Roses already settled in the garden are starting to flower. Welcome to Mary Rose.

Tuesday 8th November

I've had a big dogs and gardening day - it has had to be, because tomorrow is ridiculously full of commitments, and the dogs will be home alone - not that they mind. Their dog boxes are in the shade and their kennel runs are covered with tarps. So I've been doing edges, weeding, watering, pricking out seedlings in the glass-house, walking the dogs, throwing Winnie's ball...

 So pretty!
New Hostas

And I've planted all the new Hostas - they look gorgeous. I've dug out nearby Alkanet, and sliced out lots of those annoying violets. A huge thank you (aargh!) to Creeping Charlie who has been striking out manfully, crossing the lawns without a care. Hmm... Who was the silly gardener that introduced the tiniest wee piece of him - the prettiest variegated piece, pinched from the local Botanical Gardens? She has reaped what she sowed, hee hee...

 The  pink and white flowers are Campion.
Flowers in the Hump Garden