A good winter gardener

 Flowering late.
Lady of Megginch Rose

Finally I have been a good winter gardener. About time! It's nearly the shortest day, after all, and procrastination is - the thief of time? I've just found another quote : 'Procrastinaion is a sign of perfection'. I don't think so! How about 'Procrastination is the enemy of success'? Hmm...


Success with the bonfire yesterday, as it stooged away all afternoon. It was rather grumpy bonfire, mainly wettish mess from the water race, to which I added barrow loads of dry gum leaves. Am pleased that I finally got it going.

And now, today, it reignited after me dumping a load of rather wet gum leaves on it. Obviously extremely flammable, these. I trimmed and raked mess off the house side garden where the rose Mutabilis grows - quite patchy in health, but such a beauty. Then I raked up loads more mess from the Hen House Gardens while Non-Gardening Partner shredded the Pittosporum branches. Great work from both of us, I reckon.

 Being helpful?
Fred in the Barrow

Saturday 4th June

Today's plan is much the same as the last two days. First I'm going over by the hen house to clean up Henworld. I will dump the mess on the bonfire.

I then expect to see a wispy tenrdil of smoke. As soon as this takes hold I'll continue my clean up of mess from the water race - there are still lots of pesky Phormium leaves lying about.

Sad news though - I've burnt my one-dollar breadknife, my super-duper gardening tool for slicing through ferns and Gunnera. Will have to sneakily borrow the proper one from the kitchen. Must remember to wipe it clean and put it back.

Afternoon Tea...

Make that Afternoon Beer (zero-alcohol). My bonfire is finally smokin' it. I've dragged out ten barrowfuls of gum leaves etc. And I love Henworld!

 Very stylish!
Chooks in Henworld

I think it is one of my most inspired garden areas (some may disagree) All the Agapanthus I planted (maybe two years ago) are now well established, and the hens and roosters are happy (granted they are all statues) poking around in the greenery.

 With my grumpy bonfire.
Self-Satisfied Selfie

Now I will take my beer outside, while I poke and scoop leaves etc. onto the bonfire. Maybe also my camera to take a self-satisfied selfie (see above).


Spent another hour and a half poking and scooping. And now I have showered, washed my hair, and am wearing my new Op Shop home-knitted jersey over my new Op Shop merino. I can present myself as a beautifully clean, fresh, and totally navy blue apres-gardener. One who has finally kicked the procrastination habit? Yeay! Hope so...