Press start...

 Or maybe I pruned it at the wrong time!
Winter Flowering Hebe

All very well thinking and planning a gardening day, imagining the pride in finishing something, imagining the mess all cleared away. But it helps to press the 'start' button, right?

Thursday 9th June

A subdued day for me, I'm afraid. Sang at a friend's funeral this morning, and came home feeling a bit sad. Fair enough, but no excuse to mooch around inside. Wandered out and separated some Gunnera leaves from their stalks, which are now all piled up ready for transporting to their resting place underneath the hedge. Also stacked half a trailer of firewood in the woodshed. Hadn't changed out of my good black shoes, and couldn't find my gardening gloves. Didn't really get going.

Dozy dogs...

Nor did my dozy dogs, who spent the whole morning in their kennels and then loafed around the house all afternoon. They couldn't be bothered to come outside as I trundled back and forth with the wheelbarrow.

Winnie and Pebbles :
Sorry that I'm always grumbling about my dogs. But I guess they still love me!

Dogs are supposed to be sensitive to the mood of their humans, and to give extra love and support when it's needed, right? Not my dogs. Though once when I dropped a log of wood on my leg and howled with pain Winnie did arrive to lick my face.

Friday 10th June

Am still feeling rather dozy - woken up in the night by screaming gusts of wind and loud splatters of debris, plus the occasional scary clunk, on the cottage roof. Got out of there fast. But my bed in the house was sooooooooo cold - took ages to warm it up. Memo to self - buy a hot water bottle. Did sleep, eventually, then woke up terribly excited, expecting the bread maker to have just delivered a sweet smelling loaf. Humph. I'd forgotten to press 'start'.

 By the water race.
Winter Miscanthus

First the dogs and I will go for our first walk. C'mon, you dozy dogs. Time to press 'start' on our outdoorsy day!


Not bad, not bad. Have stacked the rest of the firewood (and eaten far too much bread). Made a quick trip to the library. And I have cleaned up all the Gunnera - piles sorted into leaves and stalks now sit underneath the hedge to dry out. Minor accomplishments, maybe, but nicely done.

 Still flowering.
White Flower Carpet Roses

I guess I'm just taking a cautious approach to embracing winter. It's an interesting gardening time. Trim, trim, trim. Rake, rake, rake goes the gardener - well, that's how she should go! The ornamental Miscanthus grasses look gorgeous. The Phormiums look wonderful. Some of the roses are still flowering, with just a few blooms - it's just lovely to spot these little flashes of colour amidst the winter greens and browns.