A thoughtful early morning. One of those shrug-your-shoulders mornings. The world outside seems to be in a bit of a mess. My garden is in a mess of it's own, but this is something I am happy to embrace - and do something about! Right? So today I did more trimming - Phormiums, a cutty-grass Carex (carefully), the Calagrostis grasses behind the Stables, some more roses. Took photographs of the new wave of Camellias flowering. And I did quite a bit of thinking, again about the Covid issue.

 Pink and pinker!
Camellias in the Wattle Woods

We are under restrictions again, and (sadly) several of my singing performances have had to be cancelled. The garden is a lovely place to be at such times. And it's full of natural music : birds squeaking and whistling above the percussive chattering of the running water. Sometimes there are noises of a ruder nature, as my dogs lift their throats to the sky and howl.

 Too noisy!
Dogs Howling

Dogs! Are you communing with their ancestors? Singing to the moon? Competing with each other, or just bonding, enjoying a duet (they always stand close together). Whatever the reasons, it is a noisy noise!

 Pretty blues.

Tuesday 25th August

I have plans to go out for lunch as well as to the local pub for an evening meal. So I build my gardening work around these two food rewards, right?

Odd how random things can be so inspiring. My latest gardening magazine had a lovely article on Echinacea, coneflowers. My own ittle patch has weakened, and seedlings are not really obvious. Aha! I need some new Echinacea plants - I'm thinking fifty dollar's worth, from the nursery perennials section? Have never had any luck germinating my own seeds.

And further to this, Buddleia. Bee food. I must take some cuttings. Alas, my prettiest, a variegated variety, has died of neglect. I must ensure that my garden is rich in bee and butterfly food.

This morning's first task is to slop up bird poop from the upper patio (underneath the feeders), fill a bucket with it, and put it on the garden. Then the patio needs hosing down. House patios are supposed to be places of sweet relaxation, shared with the birdies.


The weather is showery and blustery. The patio is too slippery (thanks, birdies) to walk safely on. I went to the nursery, no perennial Echinaceas, ended up buying Hebes, seed potatoes, and potting mix. Haven't really been outside much. Right, dogs, let's do something!

Wednesday 26th August

First thing this morning I did my ballet class on Zoom and wrote some jazz piano scores. Then off outside for a great gardening day, doing lots of little detailed tasks. I've divided and potted up Heuchera, planted out coral peonies, a Calamagrostis grass, a rugosa rose, another clump of pink summer phlox, a green Phormium, a pot of foxgloves etc. - all in the Hump Garden. All this as well as general winter maintenance : weeding, trimming the last Miscanthus grasses, cranking up the bonfire...

 The Polyanthus plants mark the resting place of Tiger the Tortoiseshell cat.
Late Winter in the Hump Garden

And just now, taking a deep breath, I had a proper shower, washed my hair, and oh so carefully peeled the dressing off on my wounded shin. All looks OK. A clean one has gone on.

Spring lambs

We have our first spring lamb (a very fast one, zooming around the paddock with Mum chasing after him/her). Let's hope lambing goes OK this year. Yeay for spring!