Good morning...

 Pretty birdie!
Silver Eye in Flight

Good morning to a fair frost. Silvery white grass stalks - very pretty! Super-shiny sun, blue sky, yellow daffodils. Have just walked slowly (have a slightly injured leg) down to the gate and back with the dogs.

Not so sure whether to garden or not - might wait until my doctor's visit this afternoon. A piece of wood bit me on the shin while log-splitting yesterday. Felt much worse yesterday, though.

Feed the birds...

Am feeding the silver eye birdies some cooked pasta, drenched in fat and sprinkled with peaches out of a tin. Yum! The literature suggests I'm doing the right thing : 'Fat is an excellent source of energy for small birds [silver eyes] in winter, when their body reserves are used up quickly.'

My two dogs are prowling around underneath, hoping for spillage, and the two Fred cats are lounging on the patio table, pretending to be disinterested. Birds beware.

 By the house.

What to write about?

So what else does a gardener write about, needing to rest until the doctor-check? Gush about Faure's string trios, swirling so beautifully in the background? Review her latest vintage detective book? Shuffle slowly outside and try to take some bird photographs? Aargh! Write another list?

Aha! Have just wandered gently around with squirty bottle of 'stuff', dealing to sorrel and dandelions. Now the detective novel, sitting on the patio in the sun, keeping the birdies company.

Much later...

All is well with the gardening shin. Checked by doctor and dressed. No stitches needed. Phew!

Tuesday 18th August

So I've mooched around all day, resting the leg, not walking around much, no gardening, reading a lot. The dogs think I am totally boring, and they're right. This is not my style of day at all.

Wednesday 19th August

So the plan is to put on thick (protective) jeans and do the bonfire first, trying to minimise stretching the leg. Poor old me! But really, it's a moderate wound, and healing well. Silly old me, I reckon.

 All better.
Winnie in the Garden

A bit later, and it's me, having a coffee and a think. The bonfire is done (lots of dead ferns and Phormium leaves). I started poking and pulling weeds from the driveway border, then decided I needed an overall planting plan (and some delicate latex gloves). Not so much sun here, so am thinking to plant some tough grasses - Anemanthele and Carex. Remove a sad rose which I think is called 'Cottage Garden' (a small pale lemon).

 Where I have been weeding.
Pebbles in the Driveway

Dusk. Success. Lots accomplished, lots of little weeds pulled out.