Oh dear...

 The weedy one, but I love it.
Magenta Foxglove

Oh dear. The End of November Garden Bus (?) has raced off leaving me stuck at the bus stop, surrounded by bulky greenery and weedy mess. Wait for meeeeee! My garden has enjoyed a week of warm days and cooler nights with rain, and I've been preoccupied. Otherwise engaged.

So earlier this morning I ventured timidly outside. I would start by doing a light trim of the gardens around the back lawn. Nothing too serious. But where were my super-duper edging shears? Off I went with the dogs, touring the garden to look for them.

Bad move...

Bad move. I eventually found them, lying in the lawn by the Hump Garden. Unfortunately I'd wandered into the Hump Garden first. Bouff! Kapow! Even the Cercis tree seemed to have doubled in size, and the potatoes were alarmingly large. All the Aquilegias has gone to seed, and the roses needed dead-heading. Look, I cleared this garden just two weeks ago. I know I did, because I can see some of my large weed piles which are still lying in the middle of the path, waiting to picked up. Now I can add to them. Oh boy. Oh joy!

So it's shorts and gardening boots in the drizzle for the rest of the day, I'm afraid. I need to get the Hump Garden sorted. Forget those back lawn edges - a mere cosmetic issue.

One and a half wet hours later...

Well, I jolly well didn't sort the Hump Garden at all. The wheelbarrow was already full of weeds, so I dumped them out by the fence. The Allotment Garden begins here, so I decided to pull a few forget-me-nots out of it.

 Walking past the Allotment Garden roses.
The dogs are Waiting

Along I went, pushing the wheelbarrow, secateurs and spade handy. What a lovely garden this is! Not nearly as undisciplined as the one in the Hump. Can a garden ever be undisciplined? Or is it the gardener?

Can a garden ever be undisciplined? Or is it the gardener? - Something to ponder.

And then down came the rain - more moisture to soak into the Hump Garden and make the potatoes grow even bigger, yes? Picked foxgloves, Campion, and Cornelia roses for the house and scuttled inside, dripping.

 I think it is Redcoat
Rose in the Allotment Garden

More, more...

Now I have yet more ballet costumes to sew for my recital (the one that I am dancing in, hee hee), and more new jazz songs to arrange for my choir for 2021. And more music to practice. And a new resolution for December : I have to play the piano in at least two different practice sessions every day. I want to get better. Aargh! December is going to be very busy.

Some days later...

A hopeless way to greet December. I've been sewing (those dratted ballet costumes) and musicking (loads of rehearsals and performances), while more new growth bursts forth from my garden and more weeds creep happily over all the paths. Haven't even taken many photographs. Walk my dogs with my eyes averted, just in case the excess greenery is too disheartening. Missed the End of November Garden Bus well and truly.