Everything needs doing!

Have just taken my early cup of tea around the garden with the dogs, looking for things that need doing, garden areas that need my immediate attention. Ha ha! Might as well have shut my eyes, stopped after a random number of steps, and then started work. Everything needs doing!

Best not to get despondent, though. Here are some things I could do. Clean up absolutely all the old pots and stash them in the glass-house. Easy? Shouldn't take too long? Put hoses on, that goes without saying.

 Please ignore the spotty rose leaves.
Watering Hose

Clear gum bark and mess out of the Hen-House Gardens. Remove anything that doesn't like growing in here and put it in a pot (for example the yellow tree peony). Weed in the Hump. Trim Lychnis.

Sort out the Herb Spiral

I must sort out the Herb Spiral. I will remove the ferns and dig out the old Rosemary roots, ready plant my replacement golden leafed Rosemary plants. So pretty! So easy!

 Now to sort out the surrounding garden!
Herb Spiral Sorted


It would be easy - if I'd have stuck to the list. Started on the house pots, but didn't make it to the Hen House mess. Oops. But I found something else! Dug the border edges around the glasshouse garden and potted up some annoying creeping violets. Then my singing friend came over and helped me dig out the Rosemary roots. Two people wielding garden spades and forks - out they came. The Herb Spiral is ready for replanting.

Friday 24th January

Yesterday for me was a write-off, gardenwise. I felt a bit slow and tired, went back to bed twice, falling asleep both times. But today I've been more active - have been weeding out Lychnis in the Hump. Some of the roses (hello Rosa Woodsii Fendleri) have put on huge amounts of growth, and paths will definitely need to be re-routed to fit them. The Phormiums and Agapanthus on the lower slopes are thriving, too.

 Pokers, Shastas, and Pebbles the dog.
Summer Flowers and Dog

Still not feeling one hundred percent. Shrugs shoulders. Maybe I'm just overdue for a bit of a sulk. It's a bit hot today, so I'm going to take the dogs for a walk and then do some sploshing in the shade in the water race.