More shrubs less lawn?

Inspiration while sitting on Pond Cottage's verandah with my early morning cup of tea and my cottage cat. What do you think, Minimus? I am going to redefine (euphemistic, this word) the far edge of the Pond Paddock border. More shrubs, less lawn? Miaow?

Yes please!

I'll take that 'miaow' as a yes please. The Pond Paddock trees have grown huge, so there's no summer sun for lawn to grow. Near the shadiest edge is a plum tree, nine-tenths dead. Non-Gardening Partner blames the Alberic Barbier rose - he (I mean the rose) was supposed to scramble delicately upwards, a sort of romantic partnership. I blame the shade from the spreading oak tree.

 My cottage cat.
Miinimus by the Pond

Being a budget gardening girl I've thought of some shrubs that could be relocated. Oops. It's just after mid-summer, but we won't worry about that.

  1. A red camellia (Roger Hall) on the house side of the paddock, pointing the wrong way (flower-wise).
  2. An ornamental Maple, struggling in the ultra sunny Hump garden.
  3. A Yellow Wave Phormium behind the cottage, coming to pieces (so to speak).

Then I still have over a hundred dollars left on my nursery voucher. So I could buy some new shrubs. I have horse manure and mulch. Manure and mulch! Yeay, Minimus! It's on!

 The path extension.

A bit later...

So I trundled over to the Pond Paddock with barrow loads of mulch and manure. I relaid the stones to shape the new border's edge. Then, being oh so wise, I fetched NGP. What did he think? More importantly, where was the irrigation? And were these new curves suitable for his ride-on mower? NGP simulated the wiggle of his mowing route. Yes! It was all very sensible. Yeay!

The dead plum tree will come down as soon as the fire ban is lifted. I will cut back Alberic Barbier and build him an obelisk to clamber up. I am so happy. Not that I've done the hard bit, yet. Coming inside to get my camera has naturally lead to a wee bite of lunch and a truimphant hot coffee. And wouldn't it be absolutely amazing if I could go back out there and - finish it this afternoon? The digging, the planting, the watering, the mulching? Minimus would be so proud...

Three days later...

Oops. Three days later, and I've nearly finished. Yesterday I cleared the surface grass and shifted in some plants : the flax, a sad rhododendron, camellia Roger Hall, and five small leafed camellias which had been struggling and 'static', buried in the dry interior of the Wattle Woods. Now they'll be in reach of the irrigation and might like to flower for me. Next spring, of course. I just need to plant my new Hebes and throw some more manure around.

Right. No more words. What's needed : action, attention to detail, and a focus on completion.

Much later...

Done. But the big Phormium was too close to the path, so I re-relocated it nearer the cottage. The big brown tea pot now marks where the Wattle Woods path begins. Everything is planted, and the watering is on. Yeay!

 With Minimus supervising.
The Newly Planted Shrub Garden

Maybe it looks silly, Maybe it doesn't. Depends on who's looking, I guess, and if they like large tea pots in a garden anyway. OK, I'm off to shift the hoses. Job well done.