Must do better...

So far this August I have done the following : walked around, and around, and around the garden with the dogs. Taken photographs of the early Camellias. Lit the wood burner, collected firewood, fed the log burner...

 On the edge of Duck Lawn
Astelia and Another Old Hebe

As you can see, I am an August gardening fraud. 'Must do better' is written in large black letters on my report card! I have been very foolish not to take advantage of moderately benign winter weather to continue my trimming, pruning, raking, and burning. Time to sit on the gardener's naughty step (i.e. on a log in the woodshed) and sort myself out.

 Pretty colour...
Weedy Creeping Violets

Walking around the garden with dogs, cats, hot cup of tea, and camera is better than nothing, right? Being on the lookout for new colours to enjoy - for example, the creeping violets flowering. Normal gardeners are more interested in killing them. But at this time of the year, in my fairly colour-free winter garden, I like them. Sorry!

Love my Camellias...

I'm very, very pleased with the Camellias, and I love the red ones. I do wonder if I have room for a few more - they seem to like my garden. A curve of Camellias (recycled from an friend's unwanted hedge) in the Wattle Woods will be flowering for the first time (hopefully) this season. Wonder what colour they'll be? I keep checking - tiny buds, possibly pink. Nice!

Looking forward, colourwise, the spring seed order has arrived at daughter's house. I've been modest in my choices, buying only one flower packet of each colour - dwarf blue cornflowers, pretty white Orlaya, pink Lavateras, purple cornflowers, a yellow spiky Calendula, and so on. Can't remember what's red - possibly some little violas. I collect seed from my favourite annuals, as well, so I will have plenty to be getting on with. Soon it will be time to start sowing. Yeay for spring!

Tomorrow I will redeem myself by organising Non-Gardening Partner to rough-trim all the tops off my archway roses. I will scoop all the mess up, trim the remaining monster Miscanthus grass, fill the trailer with left-over hedge trimmings from the front paddock, and burn the lot. Done!

Saturday 3rd August

Humph. NGP escaped to go flying in his tiddly plane. So he hasn't done anything for me. I didn't collect the hedge trimmings - got stuck time-wise trimming the monster Miscanthus, and ran out of daylight. But I've burnt six wheelbarrow loads. I also trimmed the Red Hot Pokers. Am I supposed to do this? Don't know.

 Lolling on the decking.
Tiger the Cat

Dogs and roses...

Exciting news - Tom (my friend's new dog) came to visit, and my friend brought me four unwanted roses. Yeay! The dogs zoomed round the orchard, Pebbles friendly and relaxed, Tom full of confidence. He's a year old heading dog who just didn't 'get it' on his farm, so was retired (very early) and rehomed.

Dear Tiger...

On a less exciting note, Tiger my senior cat is slowing down, and losing her appetite. Dear old cat. I am trying my best, buying in all sorts of delicacies, giving her little meals through the day. She's hovering just above 3 kgs, and is very, very arthritic.

Right. Tomorrow I will instruct NGP on his garden chores, take some horse manure to daughter's, bring my seed packets home, buying some seed raising and potting mix on the way, then totally tidy up my glasshouse and get ready for August seed inspiration.