Yet another Carex crisis...

More Carex Grasses!

Coarse green Carexes are 'overgrowing' in the wee garden underneath the variegated Elm tree. I love greenery in winter, and I love these ornamental grasses when they're young. And fresh. And new, modest in size and habit, pretty and neat. But oh my goodness - they age disgracefully. Hmm... Like some gardeners?

Out, out...

So today I dug the old scruffy ones all out and burnt them, creating space for more hydrangeas. Quite a few grow just around the corner, and I've pruned these quite brutally, oops. I've also dug out a Mutabilis rose (grown from a cutting) which has never been very robust.

While I'm in the shifting mood, some other roses need to be dug out for replanting : Rosy Cushion and William Shakespeare, both struggling in the shade. And some exciting new arrivals : a lovely friend has given me two climbing roses which are surplus to her requirements. One is 'Autumn Sunset', a sport of that beauty Westerland which I already grow. The other is called 'Crimson Cascade'. Now - where to plant them? Somewhere where there is something they can climb, obviously. Lots of sunshine, too, and good soil. One rose website indicated the need for six hours of afternoon sunshine, which seemed rather optimistic. Hmm...

 Pretty when young!
Spot the Carexes

Personal memo to self : my new socks are not allowed to go gardening. My new socks are special. They are hand washed in special soap. They are not to be roughed up by being worn in muddy gardening boots.

Great cricket news

A few nights ago New Zealand played India in the semifinals of the Cricket World Cup. This was scary stuff, and I didn't have the nerve to listen to the commentary. India is the powerhouse of cricket, while we are the little guys from a little country. It's only a game, right? Well, it's a game that WE won! Great excitement the morning after. And still some disbelief, oops. We play England in the final.

A few days later...

OK. Those particular Carexes may be gone, but I've now found lots of others growing luxuriantly alongside the water race. And in various garden borders. They always sneak up on me. And perhaps we won't mention the cricket. The scores were equal after two so-called 'extra times'. So the organisers counted back to the number of boundaries hit - soooooo arbitrary! And hence England was declared the winner.

 And a beautifully mowed lawn.
The Cricketers

Humph. There's not much else to say!