Choral silence?

 Taller than me.
Giant Himalayan Lilies

Just one more jazz choir concert, one more folk club concert, two more Christmas Carols concerts, then - yeay! Musical silence! Well, at least some peaceful choral silence - just my classical piano playing and the beautiful birds to listen to. Totally suitable for a concentrated summer gardening effort.

Thursday 6th December

Today I spent an hour and a half doing the garden, after a music rehearsal and a Christmas Carols concert. I weeded. I pulled out Cleavers and old forget-me-nots, and I trimmed edges. I chopped down Aquilegia stems, and dead-headed roses.

Quality control...

Right at this moment Non-Gardening Partner is busy mowing the lawns, and I have left him to shift the hoses, the concrete cricketers, the garden benches, at al. He is totally responsible for quality control. I am slurping some House 'Rose-Aaay', while concocting a vocal arrangement of that old standard 'Caravan' for my Jazz choir. The lyrics are exceedingly 'retro'. Hope there aren't too many mistakes in my score. Oops.

A Jingle-Bells-free day!

The plan for tomorrow is to enjoy a hugely productive day in the garden. There is nothing musical that I have to go to. Yeay - a Jingle-Bells-free day! The dogs and I will do gardening. And more gardening. If I really feel the Christmas music urge I will hum the Coventry Carol...

If I may, before I wobble over to the cottage (hopefully avoiding the pond), I'd like to welcome the giant Himalayan lilies and the Kalmia, both of which are almost flowering, and both of which I consider to be rather elite plants for a gardener such as myself. I'd also like to commend the once-flowering roses I grow - Constance Spry is particularly beautiful. One chance to enjoy their amazing beauty - I love them even more for this.

 Label from the nursery  : Unknown Seedling
Unknown Rhododendron

And hello to the very late rhododendrons who are still happily blooming - yeay for you two. Wish I knew your names. But what's in a name? A rose (for example) by any other name would still smell as good. Unless your name is Dublin Bay (a bland red rose with zero scent). Give me a perfumed red any day. Much more romantic... But that's quite enough dribble - off to the cottage and bed, rather carefully methinks, before it gets too dark. Don't want to alarm the ducks. Good night.

 A David Austin rose.
Constance Spry Rose

Friday 7th December

What a wonderful day I've had. No music rehearsals. I haven't had to flap my arms at my choir, or grin and sing Jingle Bells (that starts up again this Sunday). I have not even gone out for lunch. I've stayed at home and gardened all day.

During my lunch break, after hand-feeding my dogs (i.e. compulsory bonding with pack leader), I played Brahms (lovely) and Bach (equally lovely) on my piano. It has indeed been Jingle-Bells-free.


Gardenwise I've been speed-weeding. I reckon I've cleared ten wheelbarrow loads of mainly Alkanet, annual Forget-Me-Nots, and Cleavers from various gardens. Several paths are now clear of mess, and I've trimmed some lawn edges. It's been super-energetic work, with lots of duck-diving and bending, and I am happy-tired.

 Me in the very front conducting.
Women in Harmony Choir

Is there such a think as too many choir engagements? After they're over, one (i.e. me) feels sooooooo good! Choirs (and gardens) are perfect for inner wellness, I reckon.