Brigadeer General Weeding

The Hump needs major weeding. No. Make that Brigadeer General Weeding. Brigadeer Generals oversee staff planning (me) and co-ordinate missions (weeding). Choices : One - the hand digger and pull slowly approach. Two, the hoe, potentially more vigorous. Three (ahem) - weed killer.

 And my potato patches, to the left.
Weeds in The Hump

OK. I can do this. My immediate attention is required, before the weeds start seeding. There's also mulch to spread, and maybe (just maybe) I can have a lesson on the new tractor with the scoopy front bucket. Or perhaps I'll just ask Non-Gardening Partner to do it? Yes. Much more sensible.

I love some of my weedy flowers and shrubs (like those in the pictures above), but The Hump has become rather rudely infested with non-flowering green things. I don't even know their names.

 Discovered in the lawn. Pretty flowers, though...
Aargh! Dandelion Weeds

It's the perfect day to sort this out - I have no singing engagements, and there's cloud cover.I tried the hands and knees approach yesterday, and made little progress. So today I'm thinking the hoe...

Three Hours later...

Blast. I don't like hoeing. In fact I loathe using the hoe, and if I was a blunter, ruder writer I would use the h-word. The horse poos has produced some spectacular grass clumps (exactly what I would expect), and there is Cleavers everywhere (this weed has always grown in The Hump, but never been quite as happy).

And so I rationalise : when one puts loads of horse manure on a huge new garden area one gets weeds. But the weeds that are already there in the sandy soil are a bigger problem. What to do? Weed killer?

I don't actually know what to do. When in doubt, slink inside, eat some strawberries and a wee bit of Christmas chocolate, have a nice cup of tea, and a big think.

 In the Driveway Garden.
Sally Holmes Roses

Meanwhile Non-Gardening Partner has been busy on his new orange tractor, scooping up one of the mulch mountains from the Driveway Lawn and putting it - who knows where? He didn't ask me where I wanted it. Blast!

An Hour Later...

I'm back. I did one more hour weeding by hand. OK, I got somewhere, but not very far. So I'm still thinking about the appropriate weeding strategy. Am not a happy weed-sprayer...

Am now going to sort through more rose photographs, to semi-cheer myself up. Enjoy!

Later, Dusk...

Have just wandered around The Hump drinking a glass of 'House Rose-Ay' (with ice). Have looked critically at those weeds, and have decided to try the slicing spade technique. Tomorrow. Do not approve of weed spraying. This has to be a last resort.