Bitten by the gardening bug?

 Now you can see where to put your feet!
Stone path and steps

I can't remember 'meeting' so many bitey mosquitoes in my garden, so far away from the pond, before. A gardening caftan would be useful? Today I am wearing my gardening shorts (which always make me feel like a 'proper' gardener). So there'd better not be any mosquitoes lurking in the greenery.

Tuesday 16th January

Every day, new gum tree bark to clear off the house lawns. Some mornings the strips are hugely long. Just a gentle reminder that nothing in the garden is ever, ever finished. But I knew that. It's an issue I've been happily struggling with for years. I have already scooped up and dumped two barrowfuls before breakfast.

And a gentle reminder that new dog issues are never finished, either. Pebbles has suddenly ramped up her dominant alpha bitch theory. It is very unpleasant to have dog 'fights' in the kitchen. Two ideas - it's just what dogs do, so leave it alone. Or by crikey, this WILL NOT DO! PEBBLES! I'm with the second. And now I'm separating them at feeding time, in case food is a trigger. I'm not having young Winnie picked on - she was here first! Right. Before the sun gets too strong I'm off to do do a couple of hours work.

 Usually the best of friends...
Dogs at the Dog Park

Aargh! Fifteen minutes later, and off come the shorts. Those nasty bitey things are biting, big-time!


I've been really sensible. Ferns have grown bulky and fat - as ferns do - and are blocking the wee stone path and steps through the Laundry Garden. Normally I am soooo grateful for their beautiful green-ness that I wobble carefully past, getting severely dripped on after rain. But digging out three clumps is no loss, and a great improvement for path safety and access. I've weeded the path and even swept it!

 Now we are best friends again...
The Dogs

Time for a dog treat - frisbees on the lawn. And then I'll collect two barrowfuls of old Lycnhis from the Birthday Rose Garden, before lunch. Then I'll spent the afternoon in the water race weeding the banks. My very limited knowledge of mosquitoes tells me that they don't like running water.

Wednesday 17th January

First, it's time for some garden photographs, since there's some rather welcome cloud cover. It's hydrangea flowering time! Enjoy...

I've already scooped up two loads of gum bark and Lychnis trimmings. My morning plan is to be constantly on the move, strong legs in shorts striding out this way and that, never giving those bitey things a chance to settle. Hope it works. I am clearing the Frisbee Lawn and Border, which is nice for the dogs, since I can throw their frisbees. But being wary of the large conifer (which has already swallowed one of their lime green ones).

 Winnie likes to gold her frisbee in half.
This Conifer Eats Frisbees!

I also have some more potting to do. And sweeping the decking, and trimming the edges of the house borders. And... Honestly, no mosquito will have the energy to keep up with me today!