A big tick...

 Pretty pink.
Dahlia by the Water

A revelation - which will be absolutely and totally obvious to the disciplined gardener. At the end of a hard working gardening day, I must take that extra bit of time and clean up my mess. I feel so much better for it. And I get a big tick in the today box. Yeay!

At the end of yesterday I was sooooo tired - and sooooo tempted to leave everything as it was and scuttle inside for a shower. But I was extra good! I spent another quarter of an hour scooping up all my mess and dumping it on my rubbish heaps underneath the hedges. And I had my deepish 'revelatory' thought.

It is a jolly good idea to clean up, because then a tick can go in the today box, and tomorrow can have new and exciting gardening things to do. Ticks in the today box are good. New and exciting tomorrows are good.

 A species shrub.
Bee on a Hebe

Monday 22nd January

So good morning, tomorrow! Let's hear all about these new and exciting gardening things. Don't be shy! Out with them. OK, so what's first on your list? Blank - a deafening silence....

So I've made an independent decision. I'm going to clear the periwinkle-messy paths behind the Shrubbery in the shade. Periwinkle is a welcome weed in this area of the garden, and I like wandering down my paths without fear of being foot-tripped. Done. Well, not at all done, but the idea is set up, ready to go.


Done. I love my paths. But I love them best when they're cleared and weed-free, even if the back of the Shrubbery has been designated a semi-wilderness. Paths still need to be inviting, enticing, and relatively safe from traps.

Several Days Later...

Time to give a timely nod - actually, a huge tick - to the dahlias. They certainly do the business in my summer garden. The bees love them, too, and many of their favourite perennials (Scrophularia being the main one) are almost finished flowering.

 Another photograph taken early in the morning.
Messy Red Dahlias

And time to explain why there's not been much garden writing. You see, the hot hot weather has returned, and the mosquitoes are out for my gardener's blood.

 Winnie and Pebbles
Early Morning - Please Throw Our Frisbees

I seem to have done nothing but throw frisbees and sticks for the dogs. Gardenwise I've spent every day gathering up gum bark off the lawns and bucketing water onto pots and things. Choir-wise I've arranged seven new songs for my Jazz Choir, with great vocal and aural excitement.

Slightly extreme...

And what a hot summer we are having! Actually it's slightly extremely hot, if that makes any sense. Today while trimming some Phormium leaves at the side of the pond I semi-wobbled gracefully into the water. Immersion was sooooo lovely. I dog-paddled around dodging mating dragonflies (as one does) while Winnie squeaked in alarm from the decking. Explained to her that, like her, I could swim. Dog-paddle, even!

 Winnie in the pond.

Then - oh yes - I cleaned up all the mess I'd dumped onto the pond decking. Another big tick. The page is almost full of them!