The GWR Garden Clean-Up

 A basic pink one.
Winter Rose - Hellebore

I've finally started my Great Winter Random Garden Clean-Up, which involves wandering around with the dogs, the wheelbarrow optimistically full of tools. I stop when I see something that needs cleaning up. I then clean it up. Pretty simple, really...

Thursday 19th July

Nothing even gets half finished, but the rose pruning is a good reason for this random approach. In order to burn the prunings I also need dry leaves, trimmed ornamental grass stalks, and so on. So it makes sense to rake a few paths, and while I'm on my way to do just this I might as well drop some horse manure off. My bonfire for the last two days has been fairly successful.

I've been fierce with the Flower Carpet roses around the house. I've also dug out over-sized Anemanthele grasses from the patio garden. The wee birdies don't mind me working here - they just keep on fluttering onto their bird feeder.

The Seed Catalogue...

Great excitement : The seed catalogue has arrived, and I've done the hugest online order. This makes up for last year, when no seeds were ordered. And great relief : I've been hunting around the garden for my camera for three days now, checking tree branches and fence posts (I tend hang it on such things). Tonight I was going to confess to Non-Gardening Partner and ask to use his. Phew! I found it stashed in an odd place in the kitchen. I haven't taken any photographs for a wee while.

 Off we go.
The First Gnomes Are Painted

Finally the first batch of garden gnomes are painted and coated with sealant, ready to go back to the pond. It's taken a while. Thankfully I have my camera to record this wondrous moment (see above). They have been muttering about the sealant. Some of the vainer gnomes think their faces look too shiny.

 What a tummy!
Tiger By The Wood Burner

Much Later...

All I have to do now is burn the day's rose prunings and gum leaves raked from the pond paths. I love working by the pond. The gnomes are happy, back near the water's edge, and a new lot are inside drying on towels. I've trimmed a lot of the ferns around the stone wall, and carted bags of horse manure around.

Where is my camera?

And yes - I have left my camera swinging on a tree branch. Right. I'm off to retrieve it, and to do the bonfire. It will be dark in an hour and a half. The winter days are short, but yeay! They're getting longer! Then I'll have a shower, put on really clean clothes, crank up the wood burner for Tiger the cat, and swig some House Merlot.