Early morning thought processes...

I don't know which early morning thought process I prefer. Waking up thinking about the garden and knowing exactly where I'm going to work. Or waking up in a vague garden daze, with no clue or inspiration as to the Task de Jour.

Summer daze...

Well, the second day of 2017 started in a summer daze - where did I feel like working? I settled on some gentle Island Bed weeding, helped by my weeding friend. This was a superb choice, and I think we managed to get all the invasive Lamium out. My friend calls it 'Aluminium plant' - I hadn't heard that name before.

 The large Choisya shrub which used to fill up the middle has been severely trimmed.
The Island Bed is Weeded

But right at the end of the day I had to go over into the Hen House Gardens to unblock the river pump. A bad move, or a timely decision? Aargh! For there was much to do in this rough and tough garden.

 One of the cleared paths.
Hen House Garden Path


A large branch of gorse was jammed in my orange river pump. Naughty, I know, but instead of carefully removing it and putting it on my rubbish pile I - ahem - wished it a Happy New Year and watched it float merrily downstream. What goes around often comes around, I know, except rubbish that upstream people dump in the water race is different. Grovel, grovel (am feeling a little guilty).


Oops. The Hen House Gardens had a general air of dishevelment and neglect. A lot of the mess was au natural - gum leaves, small branches, and strips of bark which had fallen down in the winds. Anyway, I made a start, weeding in Henworld, pulling Cleavers out of the concrete tub, and raking the nearby paths clear.

Tuesday 3rd January

So today, come rain, wind, or sun, I know exactly what gardening I'm doing. Lying in bed first thing this morning this made me feel rather heavy (nothing to do with last night's pensioner's pub roast and glass of house Merlot).

It's only the third day of the New year, and I've promised to be kind. To my dogs - that means a quick visit to the dog park, even if it's drizzling. And to myself - that means keeping the gardening faith and following through. OK. Choose one of these phrases :

  1. Aargh! This is a big, messy job.
  2. Not a problem! This won't take long at all.

And PS : Love my Noack Flower Carpet Roses - this is definitely their time to shine. And my dahlias, splashing their bright colours here there and everywhere. There are a lot of self-seeded reds and magentas, which look beautiful amidst the greenery. And I mustn't forget the hydrangeas - definitely cooler, more subtle guests enjoying my summer garden.

And PPS : Non-Gardening Partner will not be allowed to be a Non-Violining-Partner this summer. We are playing Brahms Sonata No 1 in G major, Bach's Sonata No. 4 in C minor, and Schumann's Sonata No. 2 in D minor. Lots of sparkling runny notes to keep my arthritic fingers in touch with higher things, oh joy...


I told my dog park friends about my New Year's quasi-resolution to be 'kind' this year. 'What do you mean?' they all said. 'You're already kind'. 'Well', I replied, 'Then I'm going to be kinder'. 'Kinda what?' asked my American friend. 'Kinda this, kinda that? Kinda anything you want to be?' Hee hee. Seems I have hit on one of those lovely, vague, one-size-fits-all resolutions. OK, Hen House Gardens, I'm kinda ready for you!

Four Hours Later...

I got cold and a bit wet. I've done some great work, though. So the question now is : Is this the end of my third gardening day for 2017? I've got NGP busy shifting furniture, and I could go and help him. I am putting beds in the empty upstairs rooms - not necessarily to run a Gardenstay B'n'B, but you never know!

 Cabbage trees and yellow Hypericum in Middle Border.
Wheelbarrow on Duck Lawn

There's also Brahms Bach, and/or Schumann, as soon as the fingers warm up, and a good (so far) detective book by the Charles Todd writing team which I've started. I rather like Inspector Rutledge.


Walked around late afternoon with the dogs and the camera to collect my wheelbarrow full of tools (as one should do). OK. Made the mistake of noticing huge patches of clover weeds near Willow Bridge - introduced in compost and top-soil by my good self last year. Made effusive promises to the garden in question. Blast. I will wake up tomorrow morning knowing exactly what the day's gardening task is.

 This is one of my favourite hybrid-colours.
Pretty Peach Dahlias

How can it be a mistake to notice something that's happily growing? Noticing the new dahlias flowering, for example, is a lovely experience. And clover weeds are pretty when one looks closely at them. Yes?