Midnight rock'n'roll

Feeling a bit dozy after a broken night's sleep. There was a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, centred about 100km up-country from us - quite a prolonged earth dance, a midnight rock'n'roll session. When the shaking stopped a huge 'wave' of water swooshed out from my pond. Such a funny noise to hear in the night. Absolutely no issues here, but a lot of land and road damage further north.

Monday 14th November

Only half-slept after the quake, worrying about people so much more affected than I was. Heard the pheasants honking after every (mild for us) aftershock, and 'enjoyed' (not) the scary thumping noises as Minimus the cat jumped in and out of the cottage window. Wandered over to the house early morning to find a) a horribly plump dead pigeon on the doormat (I suspect Buster the black cat) and b) the rooms full of my sleeping relatives, who'd been evacuated from low-lying areas in town. And big brown Escher, squeaking with delight - such a welcome! Dear dog! Winnie and Rurty were rather excited to have their old house-brother dog back.

 Both Border Collies.
Rusty, old dog, Winnie, young dog

So the stories of damage rolled in from the towns affected, and it all seemed really unfair. But it's nothing to do with fairness, I know that. Now my family have all gone back to their respective houses, and the dogs and I have enjoyed a peaceful forest walk. My earth (and my mind) is calm and still, and the birds are tweeting gently. Nothing to worry about! But I feel sad for other folk who have been frightened, and whose homes and roads have been trashed.

Right ho! Yesterday Non-Gardening Partner mowed the lawns, so I have grass to rake up and edges to trim. And a beautiful garden to enjoy - see the above pictures...

Two Hours Later...

I've been going half-speed, just raking, wheeling and thinking about the power beneath the earth. Beautifully subdued light, pretty garden roses, happy dogs lolling around, then faithfully following me as I dump the grass clippings. Bees busy climbing into Aquilegia flowers, birds whistling merrily from every tree. It is soooooooo peaceful! What in the world could possibly go wrong? No, seriously no. Best not answer that.

 My quirky black cat.
Dear Buster

Next Day...

Buster the black cat is at the vet - something is wrong inside her mouth, and she is having exploratory surgery. Please be OK, youhg Buster. I miss you spying on me in the garden. I have spent the day drifting around somewhat, waiting for the vet to call me.

Later in the Evening

Buster is back after her surgery, overflowing with cat-happiness. She'd punctured her throat with something like a bird bone, and it was inflamed and infected. So she has two lots of magic cat-medicine to take.

'Don't worry if Buster doesn't eat tonight' said the discharge papers from the vet. We shut her safe inside the house and went out for a meal at the pub. On our return - aargh! Buster was missing! Found her in the pantry munching on cat biscuits. Out she came, dancing over the kitchen counter on tiptoes, full of herself. Looks like (hopefully) all is well...