Darling garden!

November (late spring) is an amazing month in the garden. The 'Wow, look at that!' factor. Everywhere I see new things - irises, roses, rhododendrons, perennials. Every colour is my favourite colour, every flower is the prettiest. Darling garden! Words cannot express how I feel about you. Maybe a list of 'beautiful's and 'wonderful's? Hmm - maybe just a page of photographs...

But you can still trust me. I am not just wandering around with my camera in a happy-snapping daze. I am still doing my very best to keep the weeds under control, the paths cleared, all the lawn edges nicely trimmed, and so on. I'm watering the lettuces in their patio pots, and I'm about to plant out heaps of flowering annuals. There's always a new place in the garden which needs my attention. And then, of course, I'll spy something freshly blooming, and go all gushy. 'Wow, look at that!'

In the Pond Paddock the flowering cherry blossom has almost all fallen down, the lawns and gardens beneath speckled with pinky white snow. But I don't feel the slightest tinge of sadness. I just peep over at the unfurling green ferns, the lime green Philadelphus, and the gresh hosta leaves. And the late recycled rhododendrons, clear rose pink and lavender. Oh my goodness - I haven't even taken their pictures yet.

Something beautiful finishes, something beautiful starts. So many 'somethings' to enjoy, admire, and take photographs of, every day. Yippee!