More, more...

Autumn life is suddenly so full. There's more burning on the bonfire, more Agapanthus arriving to be divided and planted, and on the personal front a new 2011 Reshape Up For Life campaign.

 Have to check their name.
White Autumn Perennials

Sunday 13th March

Yippee! Another day to be spent in the garden burning my rubbish. I'm so excited. And today Non-Gardening Partner has excused himself on two accounts. He is mowing the lawns (can't argue with that) and also trying to find a leak into one of the downstairs bedrooms (this one's much vaguer).

Tiger :
Tiger is the most non-gardening of cats I have ever shared a house and garden with.

Tiger the cat is lurking around in the kitchen - c'mon Tiger, you are missing out on the finer things of life. It's so rewarding to be a gardening cat. No training is required. You might even lose some of that furry flab...

Much Later...

Ha! Ten wheelbarrowfuls of rubbish burnt before lunchtime, then a quick trip into the mountains and a short hike to Dracophyllum Flat (Rusty the dog scaring me by snapping and leaping at wasps). And naturally, arriving home, three more fillings of that creaky hard-to-push wheelbarrow - I've had a most energetic day!

 Actually it's bigger than this now.
The Autumn Bonfire

I was a little distracted plodding along in the beech forest - I'd half-close my eyes and start seeing piles of gum tree debris and perennial trimmings, rather than the beautiful evergreen forest shrubs and trees. Aargh! The forest bellbirds, more numerous and therefore much noisier than mine, sing a completely different signature tune.

Helping With the Bonfire

Non-Gardening Partner helped with the last barrowload of the morning - what a lovely man (I thought). And so I warned him that my cricket radio was underneath the mess, and zoomed off to get ready for the mountains. And then he spectacularly burnt my radio, which spluttered into broadcasting life in the middle of the bonfire, giving him quite a fright. Hmm...

At the risk of appearing churlish I will recount our conversation.

Me : I TOLD you the radio was in the wheelbarrow!
NGP: Oh, I didn't take any notice of that. I just tipped the load onto the bonfire.

 A delight in the autumn flowering season.
Sunny Pink Fairy Rose

He did partially redeem himself by mowing all the lawns, both around the house and gardens and over the water race. Meanwhile I've had a brilliant outdoorsy day, marred only by noticeable tightness in the hiking pants and shirt. Blast. I will have to start a Reshape Up for Life campaign. That'll teach me for being rude about Tiger the cat's largeness...