Humph! The more I do, the more I find that needs to be done. Unseasonable snow storms have left soggy daffodils everywhere, and the Hazelnut Orchard definitely has magical powers - every time I complete a row of pruning, a new row appears out of nowhere...

 Pink flowers are so lovely in springtime.
Pretty Pink Camellia

Sunday 25th September

But today I will be strong, positive, and sensible! I tell myself that I love gardening in spring, where so much is happening - like the big pink rhododendron flowering by Middle Path, and the Magnolia Stellata finally sprinkled in white flowers (and spider's webs). Why should a few weeds spoil my enjoyment?

I need to create some Stachys plants for edging in the back of the Willow Tree Garden. I also need to sow some more seeds. Glass-house work is restful and fun. Then I'll prune another row of trees - puppy loves this activity so much, as he charges back and forth and around the paddock chasing the plover birds (who I hope have hidden their nests well - oops).

I will also do some light weeding - probably down the driveway, where I can enjoy the pink weeping blossom trees and the pink Camellia (one of the few non-soggy snowstorm survivors).

And soon the rhododendrons in the Driveway Garden will be flowering - I can check for bud growth. You see, where there is life there is hope! And I am not allowed to moan about any of the following:

Banned Garden Journal Topics

Hee hee! I just did!

Right - enough puerile nonsense! Today is going to be serious and brilliant. Two more rose arches are ready to be carried into the Orchard and have their roses planted - that makes eight up, five to go. The Moosey Welder has certainly delivered (though shy of being photographed - fair enough). I might even start the digging of the Water Tank Garden - in readiness for tomorrow's spending spree at the nursery. I've been planning to spend my birthday money for many days now - the thrills of anticipation!

 One of my best early morning arty photographs!
Magnolia Stellata with Spider's Web

What else? Take puppy for a walk? Pick flowers for the house? Yes - and definitely encourage the Moosey Welder to transform into a Tree Surgeon. The large broken Wattle tree branches need to be cleared up. Phew! What a day it's obviously going to be! Better not use up all my energy writing about it...

Later, Mid-afternoon...

And what a sensible gardener! Nothing to excess today - and so far, snugly apres-gardening in blue, nothing is hurting or aching! I've returned outside to wander around in a ladylike fashion trimming the edges. But looking ahead - it's make-a-list time for the nursery visit tomorrow morning. This cannot be put off any longer - what a wimp I have turned into! It's just that I seem to have such a lot of birthday money to spend - bring back Moosey the compulsive plant-spender!

Lots of new things are happening in the garden. The Banksia Lutea washing line rose is covered in buds, ready to bloom. My big red rhododendron in the Wattle Woods is now absolutely, completely flowery.

 Hmm... the Moosey tulips are not making much of an impact this spring...

It's Tulip Time...

There are also a few random red tulips up and flowering (I have a new Tulip Strategic Plan to replenish the Moosey garden for next spring). And so far, no aphids have been spotted on the rose foliage.

Monday 26th September

It is the day of the nursery visit. I'm quite nervous (oddly) about the new garden area - are water tanks suitable focal points for gardens? What about, for example, tree roots breaking into the pipes? And can there actually be too many flaxes in a garden? Since the snow I've been rather cross with some of the big species mid-green flaxes. Gosh they look awful - too big to suddenly start sprawling over neighbours.

A No List Nursery Visit

I haven't made a list on paper. I've sort of checked with Stephen - wonder if he was actually listening? When I start a sentence with 'I've had an idea for a new garden/border/path/area...' (delete whichever is inappropriate) I think he switches off, seeing all the new constructions required (for example, rose archways). But he is organising irrigation for the new climbing roses in the Orchard, and I've asked him if the Water Tank garden could have some too. This seems like tacit approval...

 Please play your part to end the dog-days in the Most Valuable Cat Competition.
Tiger the Cat - Vote For Meeeeeeeeeee!

Today is the first proper day of my two week spring holiday. This year, work-wise, I have been trying to be casually part-time, so there is no hysterical holiday gushing and raving about making every moment count. I've looked out the windows and seen the results of yesterday's trimming and weeding session. Keeping the house gardens 'tidy' is a very positive thing! Except the lone tulips look dreadful - this will not do! They should be splashing around beautiful dollops of strong colour. Once more, I renew my Tulip Pledge - this could get very tedious!

Tuesday 27th September

Hey, medium-spender! That's me, having successfully visited the local plant nursery. Three small trees (oops) are waiting for the trailer, and a carload of good, tough natives came home with me. Today I can make a start digging, and placing - wonder how long it will take? I am very keen (mentally, that is). So today is pretty much spoken for, unless I find some random area to weed (aargh!).

Cat Tummies...

Yesterday's gardening was a hoot. I worked my way slowly down the driveway, accompanied by three performing cats and a puzzled puppy. It was obviously the designated spring day for tummy-showing, and three cats practised their routines, legs twirling in the air, backs getting a good massage on the gravel. The grey sisters Jerome and Stumpy are past mistresses at this form of cat-pilates, and Tiger (aka Fat-Cat) is a quick learner. Rusty the puppy stood back, watching all three writhing, wriggling, and flashing their spotty stomachs, not sure of these signals. Was this a game? Was he invited? Nooooo! Stay back, watch and learn...

 I am definitely not going to show you the after-picture!
White Camellia - Before the Snow!

A sorry sight today in the Moosey garden - the white sleep-out Camellia covered in soggy brown flowers - thank you, snow! But looking forward, new promises - a few flower buds have appeared on the pergola Wisteria, the deep pink Crab-Apple trees are starting to blossom, and the aquilegias have quite high flower stalks. And somethings are looking good - the blue forget-me-nots everywhere (I love them). All the house lawns are beautifully green, and how nice the house gardens look with those wonderfully neat trimmed edges! Ha!

Right. I am off to do some digging. And I think there are five rows of hazelnut trees left to prune.