Magnolia Stellata

In the middle of spring my one Magnolia Stellata comes into flower. This small tree is a beauty, and its clear white flowers shine above the neighbouring pittosporums and flaxes in Middle Garden.

 A close-up of a flower.
Magnolia Stellata in Flower

This tree was my ultimate rescue - it was abandoned on a sale table at my local plant nursery. I bought it very cheaply and 'dug' its planting hole with the axe. Middle garden was new, and roots from the gum tree stumps made planting difficult.

Magnolia Stellata was forgotten for its first few years - but this year I made sure I didn't miss the flowers. I also have a rescued Magnolia Grandiflora nearby - wonder when I'll be taking the first flower photographs of this tree!

 One of my best early morning arty photographs!
Magnolia Stellata with Spider's Web

Footnote - Oops

Sometime in the winter of 2006, possibly after the wet snow, the Magnolia Stellata died. No replacement as yet, but I'll keep this page as a memory. It is also possible that it just got tired of being strangled each autumn by the Golden Hop...