Willow Tree Waterside

The Willow Tree sprouts each year from its large stump on the water's edge. I keep pruning the lowest shoots to create a canopy underneath, where I've planted hostas and rhododendrons. And every now and then the stump's biggest branches get the chain-saw treatment. Ouch!

 Cold for puppies in there!
Winnie the Puppy by the Water Race

Other plantings along the water's edge include Miscanthus grasses, ferns, and a small colony of primroses. Above the stone wall are some roses. There are always roses!

 Between the willow stump and the Car Bridge.
Waterside Plantings - Primroses and Miscanthus

The photograph below was taken in spring, 2011, after one of 'those' serious trims. Of course in winter the willow stump branches are completely bare, and the garden underneath becomes light and airy. A very late-flowering blue-lilac rhododendron with shiny leaves, name unknown, is busily growing and blocking the small waterside path.

 The perfect place for a tree house.
Willow Stump and Rhododendrons

The giant Gunnera decided some time ago to plant itself at the water's edge. Oops. Each year it gets bigger - and bigger...

 Willow Bridge is now in place.
Watery Willow - Looking Downstream, 2008

And all the while the water race burbles past, the water sparking as it runs over the stony bottom. This is nature's foot spa - the Head Gardener stands in the water when weeding the garden edges. Nice in summer, alarmingly fresh in winter, even with thermal gardening socks on...

 Willow tree and gardens.
Watery Willow - Looking Downstream, 2006

Future Plans for the Willow Tree Stump

I'd love to build a tree-house in the willow stump, overlooking the water. Well, I'd get Non-Gardening Partner to build it for me. So far I've had no luck, but I keep on trying...