Tree Stump and Daffodils

Some of the remaining tree stumps in the Stumpy Garden are still visible, waiting for the surrounding garden plantings to cover them up.

 Yellow beauties in the spring garden.
Daffodils by the Gum Tree Stump

Organic Sculptures?

I've always considered the tree stumps organic sculptures - they host colonies of crazy fungi in the autumn, and provide a beautiful textural contrast to the daffodils in the spring. This particular tree stump also has a Honeysuckle shrub which is being encouraged to climb around and over it.

 I love spring!
Daffodils by the Willow Tree

Tree stumps have influenced the design of all the garden beds over the water race near the largest stump, a willow. It's been easier to dig a garden around them than have them jutting up in the lawn. And what a good excuse to show yet another picture of the Moosey Spring Daffodil Show!

 Lots and lots!
Daffodils in the Stumpy Garden