Cats and Dogs

The Stumpy Garden's tree stumps are favourite resting places for the gardening cats. Smoocher the ginger cat and his sister Tiger would jump up and down the stumps, teasing Rusty the dog. There would be much barking...

Cat and Dog Best Friends

But Smoocher and Rusty the dog were best friends. In this photograph they are sniffing noses.

 Smoocher safely on a tree stump in the new Willow Tree Garden extension.
Cat and Dog Noses

Sadly Smoocher the cat is no longer with us. But whenever I'm gardening in the Stumpy Garden I can picture him peeping at me through the plants.

Histeria on a Tree Stump

Now Histeria the tabby sits on that same tree stump tree, surrounded by greenery, and watches me gardening. She and Rusty aren't quite as friendly, though.