Blue Delphiniums

This patch of rich blue delphiniums is well sheltered from the wind. The bees are attracted by their deep rich colours - making it rather interesting weeding around them when they are in summer bloom.

 These popular perennials always impress.
Beautiful Blue Delphiniums

The delphiniums were unceremoniously plonked in this garden when it was first dug, and by accident this was probably the best spot in the whole garden for them to grow. Below is an early-days view of the garden taken from the lawn behind. There were many perennials planted here, when the garden was young. The clumps of blue delphiniums, sheltered and happy, are about to bloom.

 Blue pansies, too.
Willow Garden Perennials - 2006

Some things in my garden schemes remain constant. Like the blue pansies, which bloom so beautifully in spring and summer, and then get chopped up with the kitchen scissors for mulch. Then some things change - keen eyes will spot a change of border shape - an expansion! On the left you'll see a Malus coronaria 'Charlottae', a crab-apple, just newly planted.

 This used to be a blue garden in early summer.
Willow Garden Perennials - 2003