Autumn arrives...

 Stachys makes a good edging plant.
Limelight Lambs Ears

Autumn arrives, and thoughts fly ahead. Planting schemes are created and things get shifted - there are bulbs to plant and new paths to design.

Saturday 27th March

I have been very slack not writing in this diary. Sorry. I have been sitting on the patio staring over to the Frisbee Lawn. What shall I do with Jeremy's Border? I am writing lots of lists.

Tuesday 30th March - Nearly Easter

I worked out today why I don't like Jeremy's Border. The blue/grey colours of the Lambs Ears and Catmint are dull and scruffy this time of year. So I have a really sneaky plan. It involves pulling out all the blue/grey Lambs Ears and replacing it with lots of Limelight Lambs Ears which is a much clearer and cleaner and greener colour.

Thursday 1st April

I did it. Jeremy won't know the difference.

Friday 2nd April - Good Friday

The Island Bed is wrong. A thought - maybe it needs a tree? It looks silly at this time of year. Will consult Stephen.


Stephen, who is the rider of the ride-on mower and in charge of LAWNS, has suggested that I shift a grass path. Accordingly the Island Bed will be joined to the next garden, becoming the ex-Island Border. The new grass path will lead through to the flowering cherry. This will facilitate his mowing routine. Cool!

 This might be a good spot for another archway...
The New Garden Path

The Next Day...

I have done it! I have a new grass path. I have put some Iris confusa plants along the edge. I can peep through to the next lawn.

 I love my dog.
Moosey, Taj-dog and a Daffodil

Monday 5th April - Easter Monday

Today is pretty cold. I have spent the morning clearing out the macleya from the Apple Tree Border. I've put some selected roots in a large pot for the future.

I also did some clearing underneath the Apple Tree. What a mess! I think perhaps that the rose Complicata should come out. It's pretty boring being a once-flowering type, and has no hips. Roses which set hips are much nicer.

Friday 9th April

I have 600 new daffodils to plant. This is most exciting! I will plant some along the edges of the of the new grass path.

I love Autumn - it's a very peaceful time in the garden. I like wearing my winter gardening shirts. There is hardly any wind, and all the lawns are green.

I love the log fires at night, with all the cats on the rug in front, in a gigantic furry cat-heap. And of course I love my dog.