Back, ever so slowly...

Last week my big spring gardening push totally lost momentum, thanks to a cough and cold virus. I was doing so well! But finally my mind (and body) are turning back, ever so slowly, to the great outdoors. I've even done some weeding.

 For my garden.
Horse Manure

My friend has delivered thirty bags of horse manure. I have big plans to combine it with wood chips, to feed the soil in the Hump Garden. Yeay! Now I just need some get-up-and-go.

Sunday 15th October

Today for the first time in days I sat down near the washing line and weeded. I got quite cross, though - my cough kept interrupting, and I was facing an explosion of invasive mint, threading itself through the laundry garden. At one stage I thought I should just dig up the lot and start again. But then my energy levels nose-dived and I limped (spiritually) inside.

 The Island Bed, view from the house.
Beautiful Spring

Downloaded my photographs - hadn't taken any all week, a sure sign that I've been AWL (as opposed to AWOL). Taking no new photographs in a spring week where new things are happening every day? Definitely a sign of a gardener in poor health. Two yellow examples - the species rose Canary Bird and the big Banksia lutea are flowering.

Monday 16th October

Had a two hour weeding and planting session. I put the hoses on, planted pots of Bergenias and Lychnis in the Herb Spiral Garden, and gave all the roses a huge drink of water. I meant to slice all the dead brown leaves off the ferns by the Laundry Garden, but ran out of puff.

Then I got quite sad. Apologised to my garden for not looking after it properly (and not sorting out that invasive mint years ago). Apologised for generally fizzling out. Oh yes - all the things I was going to do, every single day. Nope. It's been a week to forget. Except the All Blacks beat Ireland in the Rugby World Cup Quarter Final. That has to count for something?