Hoe, hoe, hoe...

I have bought a hoe - well, I think it is called a hoe - two dollars, from the Charity Shop. It is a very sturdy hoe, and not too heavy. It is incredibly good at slicing weeds off paths without the gardener (me) having to bend down, or kneel on her old knees, or drag herself along on her bottom.

 And Buster the black cat in the distance.
In the Driveway with Hoe and Dogs

Another late discovery for me - like no-alcohol cider. Really wish I'd known about hoes sooner. Well, well, well. I think I know everything, and yet again I learn something new. Story of my gardening life! So for the next few days I'll be hoeing the Hump Garden paths to prepare them for mulching. Have another trailer load of bark mulch to spread. One load a week is my aim. Leave no path unmulched.

 In Middle Garden.
Big Pink Rhododendron

Must make mention of the gorgeous colours of spring - the yellow, white, and blue bulbs, the pink and white blossom trees, and particularly the gorgeous big pink rhododendron over the water race. It's stunning - easy to lose focus on the weeding, lower oneself gingerly onto on the back lawn and just sit and gaze up.

 The cricketers are almost submerged in the grass.
Impossible to Play Cricket!

Except the back lawn is awfully long, rather wet on the bottom, and the grass needs mowing! My cricketers are almost submerged in grass blades, and none of my carefully manicured stone edges are visible. Hopefully Non-Gardening Partner will mow it later this week. Hopefully I haven't left any hand tools lying in wait.

 Calendula, annual Salvia, Lettuce, and Cosmos.
Spring seeds

Wednesday 28th September

Gardened madly until the rain came. Was mainly weeding and then spreading bags of horse manure on the uncovered soil. The roses and the dahlias deserve some organic food. Planted the last of the recycled roses by the Herb Spiral, watered the others, dug out the Scrophularia (a favourite perennial) and potted it up into divisions. Put them in the glass-house to recover, and watered my seeds, which are germinating well.

Thursday 29th September

The order in which one works through the day's gardening tasks can be rather hit and miss. If I'm having an extremely well-organised day, the last thing I do is the bonfire. But today I broke my normal pattern and started with it. Spent the next three hours collecting more dry mess, and poking and prodding at the flames. Slowly added Phormium leaves (which are impossible to compost). And guess what? Then the weather turned and it started raining. Pretty good timing, I reckon. Collected my tools, put the hoe away in the garage, came inside, washed my hair, looked though my photographs, and prepared to say goodbye to Spectacular September.