Flowery trimming...

I rather enjoy a spot of flowery trimming! It can even be done successfully in a white apres-gardening cotton shirt and the wrong shoes. Much more relaxed tripping gaily around nipping at dead-heads than battling dandelions and clover.

Dressed appropriately in gardening shirt and shorts I've done lots of flowery trimming around the Pergola Garden (dismissing thoughts of a dedicated weeding session). The roses took ages, and the lawn edges were damp so my edging shears wouldn't cut properly. Others might suggest they've been blunted by being left outside, but I'm not having a bar of that! There are lots of lovely flowers around the Pergola, even if the overall look is somewhat jumbled and scruffy.

Non-Gardening Partner removed the Phormium tenax which has been blocking the path by the Herb Spiral for ages. The conversation went something like this :

NGP : You'll have to do something about this flax.
Me : (sad voice) I've tried and I've tried. I can't dig it out. Could you help me?

 Am going to dig a scoopy hole and see if it regrows by the fence.
Removed Phormium


Thus, being by nature a helpful chap, and quite enjoying all the cooking I do for him, NGP is hooked. Back he comes to rescue the little woman, with shovels and spades, and finds that he, too, cannot shift the flax.

He returns with the tractor and a rope. Ha! Outski! It's dumped in the orchard by the fence, and I reckon if I replant it there it won't even notice.

Saturday 9th January

Right. Before I go out to morning tea I will vacuum the house (aargh!) and trim the flower stalks off another Phormium. Simple. I will not do my summer jigsaw, or play my piano. Shame on me if I do.

Much Later...

Yeay! Some lovely visitors arrived to stay for the weekend. So I floated into the world of reading dragon books, painting rocks, discussing the size of goblins, checking for strawberries, digging up potatoes...

 Darling dog!

And supervising dog-paddling (wet-suit and crocs) in the pond, Pebbles guarding the exit place (like she does when another dog goes swimming).


Dear Pebbles, a nervous dog, has made progress. Inspired by the dog-paddler, she slipped slowly into the cold water for a short swim herself. And she can now watch the tennis ball being thrown for Winnie, without running away, tail between legs (her tennis ball tonked her on the nose three weeks ago). Good dog!