Another hot summer day...

It's another hot summer's day - too hot even for the cats to come on our dog walks. And guess what, garden-wise? I've found some roses which are struggling, and I want to relocate them. Right now. There's silly, and then there's simply too silly. One does not do this in the heat of mid-summer.

 My newest rose, planted in the shrubbery.
Blush Noisette Rose

Wrong place...

Over the years I've planted a lot of roses in the wrong places. But here's the funny bit - I don't notice them until I'm sweltering in the mid-summer heat, like this morning.

Deciding I was tough enough to do some extreme hot-gardening, I'd gone out to trim the Euphorbias in The Shrubbery and put a dribbly hose on the Esk Sunset tree (oops - its leaves are rather smaller than they should be).


Saw that two Scabrosas had died, and the nearby Blush Noisettes were struggling. They've been struggling since being planted back in 2007. Shame! Oh my goodness. So, since this was the second hottest day of the summer, and with sweat pouring down my face, my immediate instinct was to grab the shovel and dig.

To dig or not to dig - that is the question?

Now if one doesn't have a choice, one digs, right? But if one can choose patience, one waits, right? Anyway, I only lasted about an hour gardening, and I saw sense. Think it might be another shift the hoses, walk the dogs in the shade, and swim in the pond day.

 Just able to stand on the muddy bottom and take this photograph. Kept the camera dry. Phew!
Pond View - Gnomes and Dog

And a put the air conditioning on day (only need to do this three or four times per year). And no shifting any roses. Please!