Problem solved...

There's always a reason for a garden mess. And usually there's a solution. Only occasionally the solution will be to ignore the mess, throw a mental blanket over it. And when in doubt, blame Non-Gardening Partner, hee hee...

Pretty Agapanthus Flower

Here's today's sort-out-the-mess conversation with myself. It concerns the small Agapanthus garden on the far corner of the Frisbee Lawn, and the poor quality control of the lawn mowing nearby.

Sort-out-the-mess conversation with myself

Me : That Agapanthus garden is too messy.
Other Me : Then weed out the grass weeds.
Me : But even if I do that the lawn path will still look awful.
Other Me : That's because the mower doesn't fit. Make the path bigger.
Me : But there are plants in the way.
Other Me : Then dig them out and replant them.
Me : Perhaps I could just ignore it?
Other Me : Not when the solution is in front of your nose.
Me : Oh alright then. OK. Whatever. You win.

 The Agapanthus garden is weeded and re-organised.
All Fixed!

So this afternoon I fixed that messy problem, and it only took three hours and four barrow loads of mess. I've told NGP that his mower will now fit, and he must mow the grass path, which by osmosis (?) will make the Agapanthus Garden look tidy. Two shrubs (Osmanthus? Euonymus Boxwood? Not sure) that I had to dig out are recovering in a tub of water, and some Agapanthus which were in the way have been replanted in sensible positions. Yeay!