Relationship difficulties...

My garden and I are having relationship difficulties. We haven't really been communicating. I'm trying my very best - I've asked it really nicely not to be so messy. It hasn't taken the slightest bit of notice of me. Humph. We need counselling? No, just some solid, hard work (from me), and less wind...

 Black Fred is on the left. So hard to see any differences.
Fred Kittens in the Garden

Mind you, the Fred Kittens give a rather grand excuse. Like now - I was going to write the shortest of sentences, then zoom outside with the rake. But Black Fred has popped up on my lap, super-smoochy and sleepy, and - well - one is never too busy to pat a sleepy kitten, right?

 And gum leaves on the lawn...
Trailer of Mess -

My other reason for lack of work is that I don't want the kittens following me over to the garden boundary, and this is where I stash all my messy rubbish. So that's that, really. I do think my garden could be a little more understanding...

Five Hours Later...

Ha! My garden's attitude to me may be dodgy at the moment, but that hasn't stopped me clearing mess today. The empty trailer was parked by the garage, so I filled it (no wandering off to the fence-line for me, followed by those kittens).

 So many ferns have bulked out on the edges.
The Water Race

I spent the last two hours in the water race with axe, sharp kitchen knife, and spade, attacking and removing overgrown ferns. Hard work, this. The edges of the race have become horribly overcrowded, and naturally I'm sure I cleaned it all up last year. In reality it may even be five years ago. Oops. No wonder.

 Twin brothers.
The kittens

And now I remember that February doesn't have so many days in it - in fact, today is the very last one. Eek! What a slow, lazy month I've had. Oops.

But I've done lots...

But I've played the piano a lot, read a lot of books, done lots of playing with the kittens and throwing balls and sticks for the dogs. I've transplanted roses in the heat, and they have all survived. I've spent hours stacking loads of firewood in the woodshed for winter. Too many hours! I've done watering and raking and weeding (a bit).

I've also enjoyed some TV couch train travel on some wonderful European trains (mainly in Switzerland), thanks to Youtube enthusiasts who put cameras in the driver's cabs. Hee hee.

My garden needs to know that there are more things in my life that it. I have other loves and passions. It needs to be thankful for the time I'm prepared to give it. And to stop messing up a border that I've just tidied. That's just childish behaviour.

This is probably a good time to present a gallery of the colourful, much appreciated late summer flowers that have been blooming throughout February. Some have almost finished now, others (like the Cosmos) will keep on blooming for many more weeks. Enjoy!