Continuous loops...

 A once flowering David Austin rose - large and messy.
Constance Spry

Imagine if I got stuck in a continuous loop, and all I ever did, each day, for ever, was to clear out Alkanet and annual forget-me-nots? Hmmm. I may already be in one! The location changes, but the task stays exactly the same. Aargh!


It is difficult to write in a lively, impactful manner about clearing up Alkanet and forget-me-nots. Pretty blue flowers, but clearing them up is tedious. And the bees buzz up to me, as if they're telling me off for pulling out their flowers. Bees! There is plenty of food left in my garden. Try the Echiums by the Herb Spiral...


Big mistake just now - inside for a wee break (have been clearing the rose garden by the pergola). Grabbed my cup of tea to pop quickly into the garden with camera to say hello to the once flowering pink rose Constance Spry. And guess what? I immediately saw another area which needs my attention. Blast! Then I saw a little bee buzzing over the Alkanet flowers. Aha! That's why it's allowed to grow in my garden! I knew that. Feeling immediately better. Sore hands, though, and only a couple of hours left in the day for me before a music rehearsal.

 Not sure which one.
Fred the Hunter

A fantail flew in the house early this morning to hover over my windows collecting insects. Bad move. There was a clash of leaping cat bodies - shining black and tabby stripes. Fred won, and the dear wee birdie squeaked for its life in his jaws. Time for my sneaky, nonchalant cat-mother trick : Approach slowly, gushing praise. Pat, pat, stroke, stroke. Clever Fred! A wee chin tickle. Push open cat's mouth ever so gently. Phew! Out flew the bird, with just one less tail feather. Lucky.

 A most unusual colour.
Burgundy Iceberg Roses

OK. So I'm going back outside now to clear Alkanet out from underneath Constance Spry. There are plenty of other flowers for the bees, and the roses are amazing. All the Icebergs are now flowering - the pinks and the burgundy, as well as the go-to whites. White Icebergs may not be the most elite of roses, but they do the business so well.

 The dogs are really bored with me.
House Dog

Many days later...

Aargh! A continuous loop of a totally different nature. Have spent the last week semi-sulking in bed with the flu. I didn't think that busy, active gardeners could get the flu. Humph. What a rotten way to start December! Soooooo annoying. Have slept a lot. Kept scuttling outside to try to do gardening each day, but never lasted very long.

My poor dogs...

Poor dogs - didn't feel like taking them for walks, didn't feel like reading, or even writing my gardening journal. Some days I seemed to spark up a bit : I would washed my hair, actually enjoy my cup of tea, put the washing out on the line, and go out walking with the dogs (and a Fred cat) around the orchard. But then I'd scuttle back inside and find a bed or a chair to loll in.

Do you know the thing I missed the most? Usually I wake up in the morning with gardening plans and schemes for the day running around my head. It has been rather alarming waking up with blank, garden-less thoughts. Doesn't feel like me. Hmm.

 In the Allotment Garden.
Rambling Rector Rose

Things that I love in the garden at the moment :

  1. The little roses.
  2. The big roses - like Rambling Rector. Yes!
  3. And all the roses in between.

But there are definitely things that I don't love at the moment, like the quality of the lawn mowing. Non-Gardening Partner has been off the boil somewhat, without my keen eye (and sharp voice) to direct him. And the weeds. I sleep in the daytime, and the weeds have a party. Grumble, grumble. Weeds - just you wait! I'll be back.