Spring gardening legs...

I'd like to welcome my spring gardening legs in their shorts. Hello, pale, freckly white knees, check out this gorgeous spring day! Sun blocked, of course. I have some new toxin-free sun block, by the way, part of my new plan to buy safer things.

 Some pretty flowers to enjoy.
Spring Daffodil Collection

And hello, white cotton apres gardening shirt - long sleeved, of course. Note the words 'apres gardening'. Because today I am lounging around. I am resting my aching shovelling shoulders. I am enjoying the spring garden experience without doing any manual labour. The dogs and I have wandered around, I've taken lots of photographs, mainly of daffodils, and checked on my new garden in The Hump.

 Looks a bit daft in a photograph, with no green plantings..
New Path and Potato Patches

Have I got the path route right? I reckon I have. It feels good to walk along, either way. And seems a sensible path, viewed from every angle. But is it an enticing path? Well, sort of, if the thought of plodding past horse manure and mulch could be said to be enticing. The photograph looks really daft, without any plantings. I'm waiting for more horse manure before I start greening the area up.

Saturday 15th September

Today I am back hands-on. I've been raking mess from behind the pond and burning it. I've also done a bit of weeding. It's another beautifully mild spring day, windless, and the blue sky is dazzling. But I cheated with my bonfire. I added some semi-green weeds which could have been left to compost under the hedge. Sorry about that.

 And the mountains of mulch...
Spring Sky and Blossom

Shifted the newly painted gnomes back to the water's edge - they're very happy. A new batch of gnomes is now at the back door waiting to come into the kitchen to be scrubbed and painted. This last lot are particularly disreputable. Several were stuck in the mud. One or two have lost their noses - a mini-epidemic of gnome-syphllis?

 Love those red hats!
More Gnomes Painted

And I'm sorry, but I have thrown the 'mooning' gnome out. He is too rude for my family-friendly garden, and might influence the other chaps. Or a visitor might be tempted to 'moon' back? Aargh!

 So sweet she looks... Hmm...

On a personal note...

As mentioned 'up there', I am trying to be 'safer' in my shopping. For example, only organically grown broccoli (either my own or sourced locally) will now be eaten in this house. I finally have some sensible shampoo and conditioner blocks to try out. And my butcher will let me take my own containers. Yeay! Every little helps. And nothing is too little not to be worth trying. If that makes any sense at all.

No merino needed!

It's a joy to be now sitting at the patio table at 5:30pm, listening to the peaceful bleating of the next farm's lambs, and NOT have to be enveloped in layers of merino and woolly shawls. My dogs are waiting patiently for something - probably their dinner. The House Merlot (slightly watered down) is slithering down a treat. And good news - a source of New Zealand made organic merlot. So on Monday I go and buy - a case? Probably not a barrel. My uber-earnest toxin-free book rates broccoli and wine as two of the worst 'offenders'. Now I've got both sorted.