Older Lady Gardeners can Do Anything...

 Thought I could do anything...
Tough Gardener

In the spirit of 'Older Lady Gardeners can Do Anything', I am off to conduct a serious garden experiment - weeding some raised beds at my friend's new country mansion. Her garden is alarmingly overgrown. Hello, fattest of fat hens! Greetings, not-so-mellow mallow!

Raised Beds...

I've always thought raised beds were a great idea - for keeping the soil warmer, for being able to reach things without plunging into the undergrowth, and so on. And I've heard it said they are easier to weed, but as yet I am unconverted. In fact, I have shifted my edibles (apart from potatoes, pumpkins, and courgettes) into large patio pots.

Four Hours Later...

Hmm. It was simply too hard for me, and I was not impressed. These particular beds were not the real deal at all, too low for easy working. The weeding was diabolical - creepy paddock grass had come up into the beds, with roots running merrily everywhere. I did the roughest clean-up of a couple of beds, digging out lots of the deep-rooted docks and mallows.

But I was out of my depth - this clean-up being way out of my league. This is why I am a pottering, twittering, modular, non-professional gardener. Little and often, that sort of thing.

 Photograph taken by my lovely Sister-in Law.
Winnie and her Ball

Animals Update, Apres Vet

We have been visiting the local vet lately. Minimus the cottage cat is better after her infection and fever. But obtaining a faecal sample from Winnie has been impossible. The dog's version of a watched pot never boiling, hee hee. I have been stealthily following her into the greenery, with no luck. let's hope that Winnie's little - ahem - problem has passed on through...

After my failure (but I tried my best) at my friend's garden, today's bonfire was very thoughtful. I thought about how consistently one's energy has to be directed into good garden maintenance, whether one is in the mood or not. Gushing about spring blossom, pretty roses, and coloured autumn leaves is obviously enjoyably self-indulgent. Bonfiring is not.

I also wondered whether I am getting more boring and more serious, as the gardening years trundle by. Some of my older March journal entries are riotous with laughter and energy.

Friday 9th March

Today I went back to the house with the pseudo-raised beds, to meet with a professional gardener. Phew! He is taking over the project. He will trim the hedges (Escallonia, and Box), spray everything (including the lawn) for weeds, rotary hoe beds that need it, organise some new, sensible native plantings, dig out the old, sad Camellia hedge, and so on. He even has spraying certificates. I don't like spraying.

So how about my own ongoing work? Aha! There's a trailer full of mess waiting by the bonfire. Hmm. Where's that 'burning' desire gone?

Much Later...

I did it! But where-ever I stood, rake twitching in my hand, the smoke-demons followed me. Gotcha! And so another trailer load is burnt, and I even collected some Cordyline leaves to help with the combustion.

Too boring?

I do hope I'm not too boring and serious these days. It might be because I haven't bought any new plants for a while. In March 2003, for example, I was terribly excited with some new Bamboo and Arundo plants. I go on and on about them, bubbling like a pot on the stove. The March 2003 (AKA Autumn) bonfire doesn't even rate a mention.

 Photograph taken by my lovely Sister-in Law.
Crown Princess Marguerite Rose

When in doubt, have a glass of the House Merlot, I reckon! And thanks to Sister-In-Law Vanessa for sending me the pictures of Winnie and the Crown Princess. I refuse to lower the tone of this page with images of weeds or bonfires.