More flowering

As the blossom finishes, more spring things are starting to flower : Choisyas, Watsonias, late season Rhododendrons. And down lower the forget-me-nots just keep on and on, blue and beautiful, as forget-me-nots will do. I love them. Unconditionally. Even in the lawns!

 Such a sweet looking dog. Hmm...
Pebbles by the Watering Hose

So what have I done these last two days? Aha! I have watered, I have weeded, I have walked around with the dogs and Buster the cat, and I have thought a lot about the loveliness of gardening. And I've taken lots of photographs. See below!

Today has been physically a little different - big scale weeding (heroic, even) in the Welcome Garden. Though, alas, I haven't cleaned up my mess (which is enormous) properly. Yet. I need to decide if I want to burn it or throw it next-door. Oops. I didn't say that! Found more Viburnums with damaged leaves, so gave them a rather severe trim. Perhaps burn those? Obviouly, I can only dispose of the softer weeds in thet 'other' way. That's where they all came from anyway, hee hee.

 In Middle Garden.
Tall Pink Rhododendron

Friday 19th October

Yeay! It's hot, hot, hot, and nine recycled roses have arrived in bags - just dug out of their garden. I was hoping (silly, really) to have shifted the mulch mountain before I planted them. Mountain is the word. So my revised plan is to compromise - dig planting holes, water madly, maybe prune a little, plant, and then spread horse manure and mulch around on top. And then water some more. And then maybe shift a few loads of mulch.

Three Hours later...

All planted! Horse manure spread around, path edges organised. No mulch moved, however - I just got too hot. The apres-gardening look (having showered and washed my hair) is summery, casual cotton ethnic - patchwork bloomer-pants, 'indian' style top with embroidery. Hope Non-Gardening Partner likes it. Better organise him a pizza for his evening meal just in case...

By the way, there are still some rhododendrons by the water race which haven't quite started to flower. This seems to be rather late, so I'm hoping that they won't be too sun-shocked. Rhododendrons always look happier on the cooler cloudier days, I reckon.