The Last Rose...

The garden feels and looks quite autumnal now. And still the roses insist on blooming. That's what I like about having so many roses - there's always a late bloomer determined to be the last rose standing. John Clare (a pink David Austin) usually wins this competition.

Saturday 9th April

The recycled roses interest me. Naturally they have to take their chances - I expect overwhelming gratitude, with no extra watering or feeding. Sometimes they'll sulk for two, maybe three years, and then - wow!

 Looks like a David Austin.
Recycled Rose, Name Unknown

The downside about offering them a home is that I have to guess their names. So I am forever mixing up Strawberry Ice with Raspberry Ice, that sort of thing.

 A lemon climber.
Casino Rose


Signs of early autumn : all the trees appear much bigger now that the sun's trajectory is lower. The dogwoods are starting to colour nicely, and one of the Oak trees is almost completely cherry red.

My cats are already noticing the colder nights - Minimus burrows into bed in the middle of the night when her ears gets cold. I have to check, though, in case she has a mouse in her mouth. Escher, a short-haired dog, will soon need his sleeping suit on in his kennel. The collies already have their furry pyjamas on.

Non-Gardening News

I've spent the last three days sewing, mass-producing merino leggings for the Grand-Toddler and the Grand-Baby. The theory is that with winter approaching a youngster cannot have too many pairs of these, and the youngster's mother (bless her) is far too polite to refuse them. Oh wonderful! Yet more leggings!

 Close to the bonfire.
Cerise Dahlias

And more non-gardening news - my 'lose weight' campaign, AKA 'Shape Up for Life 2016', is going really well. For three days now I've been eating super-sensibly, and I haven't touched a drop of cider. And my 'spend less' campaign is trundling along quite nicely too. I have already 'not spent' $500. Explanation : I thought my driving spectacles were lost, and I'd have to replace them, but I found them lying on the floor of my car, uninjured. Phew!

 After a day of burning Phormium leaves.
End of Day Bonfire

Burning Again

Today in the garden I'll be relighting the autumn bonfire - a necessary 'evil' for me, with so many Cordyline and Phormium leaves, plus Eucalpytus leaves and bark to burn - all my messy favourites.


What a legend! Three hours of bonfiring, with a willing (?) Non-Gardening Partner helping. Not so many piles of Phormium (flax) leaves left under the hedge now. It's true - if you do a little of something big every day, then it's possible to almost finish! Hmm...

Sunday 10th April

NGP has escaped to go flying, and already I've trundled around for two hours. Most of the rubbish lurking behind the pond has now been burnt. Along the way I've pulled out lots of rogue Aconitums and trimmed more Phloxes. Alas, I've also burnt my garden scissors.

Escher :
Escher is a brown German short haired pointer / labrador cross - so he's ruled by his nose and his tummy.

One of the nice things about today is that big brown dog Escher has gone off to the seaside with his parents. Sorry Escher, but yesterday there was too much crashing and bashing through the garden following your nose, snorting like a mad monster dragon on the rampage. It wasn't the calmest of days.

 Next to some winter berries.
Golden Smiles Rose

OK. Session Number Two is about to commence. P.S. I think I have 'Shaped Up for Life' a little, because my gardening jeans are a bit floppy and loose. Yeay! The silliest thing : I eat the tastiest food when I am eating less. Have just had a tiny treat (cottage cheese and slice of banana) for morning tea. So scrumptious.

Much Later...

Another hour, followed by a small shrimp and cherry tomato (home grown) salad, three more hours to fill and burn the trailer. Oops! Of course I mean the rubbish in the trailer. I am so proud. Sorry about details of food consumed - Shape Up For Lifers do get a little obsessed. I have made a startling discovery - water with ice is more refreshing than fruity cider with ice and doesn't put me prematurely to sleep.