Too much March mooching...

There been too much March mooching. And Non-Gardening Partner is away in China, so I've been trying to think of a special garden project I can surprise him with. Perhaps the creation of my own 'great wall' somewhere? I'm not so sure I need another stone wall, but I love building them...

Sunday 21st March

I've been mooching around so much these last days. I've been TV couch-cycling around Flanders, putting maybe twenty pieces of jig-saw in place per day, and wandering around the garden with the dogs dressed most inappropriately (i.e. wearing my best jeans and my good shoes). Maybe I've bent down to nudge a few weeds out of place, that's about all. And it's been sunny.

 What a tummy!
Tiger the Cat Sunbathing

So what's the plan? All I can say is this. First thing tomorrow morning I take some of the animals to the vet - Tiddles the tabby needs to be checked, and Rusty the dog gets his second arthritis injection. I will wear my gardening clothes. When I return I won't even go back in the house.

 Lovely and mottled.
Autumn Colouring - Bantry Bay Rose

Getting Ready for Autumn?

If I can't think of anything super-creative I'll start getting ready for autumn - doing things like raking up all the gum tree leaves off the paths in the Wattle woods. Aargh! Not as inspiring as building a new stone wall. But even if I could think of one, where, exactly, could this new feature go?

Monday Morning...

Last night my Blues Band had its one-off performance. So groovy! R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Just a little bit? No, a lot, for 'old' bands that are still touring. Things like - my older-woman feet are still aching from standing up at the piano. Had to take a pill - oh boy! And my little finger is sore. Oh dear.

Yesterday's gardening resolve has blown away like a puff of smoke in the wind. This is not good. Here's my big chance to do something spectacular while NGP is away, and I can't think of anything. So garden maintenance is all that there is? I'm even bored with the patio tomatoes (they're setting fruit far too late in the season). Bring on the lifting of the fire-ban and the first autumn bonfire, I say. Hmm...


I don't feel so good. Tiddles the tabby is still at the vet, needing some surgical 'repairs'. Reason : Winnie, my young dog Winnie, 'ran over' the kitten and hurt her while chasing a Frisbee. I threw the Frisbee, and I didn't see the kitten hiding in the grass. So I am responsible. Now I'm home waiting for the vet's phone call. Please let everything be OK...

 Nearly autumn.
Criveway Trees

All I've done garden-wise is to collect a barrowful of stuff for the proposed first autumn bonfire. Thinking of things spectacular, I found some alarmingly lush clumps of grass in the patio garden. Definitely non-ornamental! Oops.

 Winnie with a coloured tennis ball.
Please Throw the Ball

Home From the Vet...

Oh dear. Tiddles's wounds are now repaired, she's seriously stitched up with a drain in place, and a head-bucket, confined to her bedroom for the next ten days. Makes me cry. And feel so thankful for the vet's expertise. Oh boy. I know that cats spend - eighty percent? - of their time sleeping, and sleep will be a great healer for her. Not so sure I'll sleep well, though.

Tuesday 22nd March

Got up at 5:30am to check on Tiddles. She was OK. Then got the dogs up early at 7pm. It was still dark, just past the equinox. Roll on autumn! Later this morning we will run our legs off again at the dog park. I've had one thought for a new gardening project, but for me it's fairly predictable. I could buy some rugosa roses and plant them as a rough hedge further down the driveway boundary.

Right. I'm going to grab a coffee, take Tiddles her second small breakfast (laced with medicine), and tickle her chin. Finding it hard not to dwell on the kitten's injuries. Not feeling very good about this at all. But she's doing well, and I'm more confident that her head-bucket will stay in place. Then the dogs and I will go to the dog-park.


All seems to be well so far with my convalescing kitty cat. It's dark, Tiddles is fed and settled in her bedroom, the dogs are in their kennels, and the cricket (I'm recording it) is far too scary to watch live. So I've just been TV couch-cycling to Sienna, and am about to go bed-adventuring up the Congo River. Retired lady-gardeners lead such an exciting life!

Tiddles :
Tiddles the tabby is now nearly seven months old.

Seriously, Tiddles's health has rather taken over my mood these last few days. But she's doing really well. And so am I, now. I don't think I've been over-worrying, if that makes sense. Maybe that new garden project will just be some new rose plantings. That may be a bit ordinary, but it will cheer me up.