On the edge...

I love all my green lawns. I love all my curved borders around which the green grass swirls. But the connection between the two? Aargh! This is definitely gardening on the edge!

Sunday 10th November

Actually I'm afraid to say too much. It's been one of those days - the more I've done the more I've seen that I haven't done.

 With curved edges just waiting to be trimmed.
The Back Lawn

But worst of all the lawns have just been mowed, all of them. Oh, no, I'm not complaining - they look magnificent. But my part of this beauty bargain is to trim all the lawn edges, and I've only just finished doing this from last time. Quick - list some good achievements, before things get positively grumpy.

  1. I've planted Omphalodes and Strawflowers in the cottage's garden.
  2. The side house garden is cleared and ready for a bulk planting of violas.
  3. I've dug out Lychnis seedlings and replanted them in the back of the Shrubbery.
 I think this is a Roseraie de l"Hay.
Rugosa Rose and Foliage

OK, so the list only has a few little things. But lots of little makes a lot!


+10OK, I'm supposed to be doing the edges, but I've been taking photographs of roses instead. And I'm in more of a grump. Time for a stern conversation with myself on the plum Adirondack chair, with cat-supporter Lilli-Puss rubbing against my legs. This is scary - I think I'm going to be told off.

A Scary Conversation...

The Bossy Moosey : OK. Moosey, what's all this about? You're grumbling because the lawns have actually all been mown? Whatever next? Right. Here's the plan. You get out there and you do edges. You do more edges. You do as many edges as can be done in daylight.

Lilli-Puss, my comforter, leaps onto my knees and knocks over my cup of coffee. So now, as well as my shirt being irreparably ripped, and my best socks being covered in biddi-bids, my trousers are wet.

The Bossy Moosey : Moosey! Stop complaining about this, that, and the other. Look around you. Look at your garden. Wouldn't you like it to look so beautiful that you'd be squirming with joy?

Lilli-Puss demonstrates, her legs whirling in the air, ecstatically dribbling all over her stubbly chin. Am I flexible enough to try this technique? I think not...

 Here she is, lolling in the grass.
Silly Lilli-Puss Cat

Aargh! The Bossy Moosey hasn't finished with me yet.

The Bossy Moosey : Moosey! Concentrate! Your garden will look indescribably beautiful IF - YOU - DO - ALL - THE - EDGES. Clever Moosey - if you're really, really good, then later on you can wash your hair and watch a bit of Downton Abbey...

Yeay! Flattery and bribery will get you everywhere. I'll do them!


Well, I worked away for three more hours, but I did weeding and forget-me-not pulling as well as edges. And then I lay on the grass with Lilli-Puss draped over my tummy. She reckoned that the Bossy Moosey would accept my six-hour day, and, being a cat, she didn't see why gardeners made a fuss about doing edges anyway. And then Non-Gardening Partner appeared, complimented me on my roses, and asked if I'd like to go for a drive to get an icecream and a fizzy orange drink. Oooh yes please!

 A David Austin beauty.
Fishermans Friend Rose

I've planted more white Cosmos, violas, and Stachys (Lambs' ears) in the house gardens. I've watered the patio pots and planted the mesclun and spinach. Downton, here I come!

Monday 11th November

Phew! There's no sign of that Bossy Moosey today. So I've has a relaxing time shifting the hoses, and pulling out more forget-me-nots. I keep on finding new gardens in which they're happily growing. Hmm... The idea is that I fill up any serious garden gaps with flowering annuals.

 The last pink rhododendron to flower, in the Driveway Garden.
Big Pink Rhododendron

Flowering Now...

The red climbing rose I bought for the cottage verandah post is just starting to flower and climb. Over behind the pond is a small forest of flowering foxgloves. They're a mixture of colours, and have planted themselves on either side of the pond path. It's a nice experience to walk gently through. What a good planting idea...

The bright pink rhododendron in the Driveway Garden is flowering, as are the last blue-purples (Blue Wave) in the Dog-Path Garden. The last two recycled rhododendrons are now both blooming - I pass them each morning walking from the cottage to the house. They are both the same shrub, violet in colour with a delicate creamy yellow brush stroke.

Until this year I'd never realised how much the flowering season of rhododendrons overlaps with the roses. Or, perhaps putting it a better way, how many late-season rhododendrons I seem to have in my garden!

 Very happy in its new home.
Violet Recycled Rhododendron

And I've completely got away with it - I haven't trimmed a single edge, hee hee. What a rebel!