I mean business...

I've given the pet lambs Stu and Milly their six o'clock feed and retired back to bed with tea, toast, pen and paper. I've written a list. Ha! That surely means that I mean business - gardening business - today.

 Springtime - the flowering Wattles in the background!
The House Lawns and the Big GumTree

Monday 20th September

You see, I've been a bit sick for a week and feel like I've missed seven wonderful days of springtime. But one does soldier on, naturally, with not enough energy and too much feeling-sorry-for-self nonsense. But this morning cup of tea tastes like the best one ever - that's a good sign. I think I'm back!

Pet Lambs 2010 :
You can meet my two pet lambs Milly and Stu - they have their own page in the cats and dogs section (family pets, obviously).

Ha! Today's list is lamb-orientated. Some of the items are perfect for pet-lamb company, like weeding the Frisbee Lawn corner garden and weeding the house gardens. Others are not so, like watering and tending to the glass-house seeds and plants, and fixing the stone retaining wall.

And when I finish all this I'm going to - scary - open my home mushroom growing kit and read its instructions. Yippee for my birthday present!


I'm sorry about this, but I've made another list, sitting on the garden bench on the Frisbee Lawn, listening to smoochy Rachmaninoff, feeding the lambs, and contemplating my 'lot'. I had another one of those 'I am sooooooo lucky' moments. Now the order is fairly important. Hmm...

I am soooooooo lucky because:

  1. I'm alive.
  2. My head feels OK.
  3. My body feels OK.
  4. It's springtime, the garden is beautiful and my pet lambs are thriving.
  5. And, last but not least, I've got common sense. I've seen through The Bachelor (after watching five episodes with the fast forward button). I think he's a goose, and I refuse to watch any more.

Family, friends, and other animals - don't worry. Just because you didn't make today's list doesn't mean any of you are forgotten. You're all the very best, all at the same time - that silly Bachelor can fall in love with four wonderful women all at once, so everyone in my life can be the best. Hee hee...

 A cuddly lamb.
Milly the Pet Lamb

Tuesday 21st September

I've been house-sitting today, reading and writing and listening to music. My garden has done well without me - hopefully nothing has drastically changed (they can, honestly, when a gardener goes away for a day). Later this week I have some silver Astelias and some heirloom tomato seedlings to pick up - I'm thinking the patio's microclimate will suit the smaller tomato varieties.

Another lamb has been born, but this one is standing, sheltered underneath its mother. Please let the weather tonight be reasonable and some decent ovine bonding occur! That reminds me - it's time to feed my pet lambs and take them for a walk.

It's funny - sitting in another house for five hours I really missed the views from my own windows. I do stare outside quite a lot when I'm indoors. Right. Tomorrow I'm working hard in my garden all day. I'll write a super-list first thing in the morning.

Wednesday 22nd September

Blast. I thought I was better but I'm not totally. So I'm going outside to read in the sunshine. The garden bench that Non-gardening Partner fixed for my non-birthday is super-sturdy! Paddock lamb is moving around with its mother, and my pet lambs are getting fat, fat, fat!