Contrasts of leaf colour in the driveway trees and shrubs.
Red and Green Leaves

Oops. If a gardener hasn't really done very much gardening, can she still write about it in her gardening journal? Too right she can!

Tuesday 6th January

Just suppose that all she's done in the last two days is to empty Mugsy the cat's kitty-litter box, tidy up four square metres of messy garden, fix up some pots on the patio which a cat had knocked over, pick two lettuces and five spring onions from the vegetable garden, and properly pot up a purple leafed Eucomis (found in a miniscule pot underneath the parsley)...

She is the mistress of the Moosey garden, and all which grows within. She is the driver of the Moosey Garden bus - she decides where to stop, and for how long...

And, to balance the books, she's played Brahms on the piano for hours, read two detective stories and a book about walking the length of the Great Wall of China - she's been swimming AND aquajogging with her plus-sized friend (who has bought some 120 dollar 'Magic Knickers' and a bra called 'The Minimiser')... Aargh! Too much information of the non-gardening nature!

Darling Daylilies

During these 48 hours of mid-summer warmth, natural light, and almost complete garden inactivity the Moosey daylilies have decided to flower brilliantly. My goodness! I'd semi-filed for divorce from these flowers - well, certainly our relationship was strained. But I have soooo changed my mind!

 A medium sized daylily.
Peachy Pink Daylily

Daylilies are darling January flowers, and I grow all shapes, colours, and sizes. And all are blooming happily (except Stella D-Oro).

Driveway Gravel

The driveway is being re-gravelled (slowly) by Non-Gardening Partner. A truck dumps it (10,000 cubic kilograms) in a few select places - large trucks cannot drive through the whole driveway loop - and then the wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, and man-power get to work. It's hard work, for a great look!

 Looking so much better!
The Driveway

Tomorrow I will not be in the garden - I'm off with my Wednesday walking group. Wish my rusty old legs and knees luck!