Where is the Head Gardener?

Where in the summer garden is the Head Gardener to be found? Sitting in the woodshed drinking cups of tea and playing with Minimus the little grey kitten.

 Well fed, much loved, quite relaxed...
Minimus in the Garden

Thursday 29th January

The woodshed may not be the hub of the Moosey House and Garden, but it is an interesting place in which to hang out. One hears all people movements in and out of the house. One can see the dog coming and take evasive action (if required). The weeds and distressed tomatoes in the vegetable garden are horribly obvious. As are the crop of French beans, ready for picking. Yum!

Today I only have four words for myself - get back to normal. I have garden work piling up, and I have to go into real work for a couple of days (to re-experience the joys of mathematics teaching, but briefly). Minimus the wild kitten is thriving - this is a really good outcome. Great.

 Just beautiful.
Golden Tribute Roses

So today I will get stones, do some weeding, and plant the final dollar perennials. I also have to repair a small bit of my stone wall - an overweight cat scampering up it has dislodged some stones. Fluff-Fluff!

Late Afternoon...

I've worked hard, even if there seems to be much still to do. I've had a major raking session behind the pond, and shifted the hoses around. I've had pretty good cat, dog - and kitten company. Minimus is boldly going out and about and I'm hoping he doesn't get lost. All day he has been stared at by the big cats.

 Every hour I can fill the wheelbarrow with weeds.
Wheelbarrow Mess

Aargh! The worries of motherhood. I've never raised an outdoor kitten before. But I do have a few flowery and leafy garden things to report on.

  1. One of the new salmon poppies is flowering. Just one.
  2. The rose Golden Tribute (my tiny tribute to 9/11) is flowering again.
  3. My pink summer phloxes are blooming well - I'd like some more.
  4. The Canna lilies by the house (Tropicanna and Bengal Tiger) are in fine leaf.

I'll be out all day tomorrow. Rusty the dog will be bored in his kennel and Minimus will be lonely!

Saturday 31st January

I'm sure there were heaps of things I was going to finish in January. I'm also sure that I haven't! But...

 Big and blotchy!
Salmon Poppy

Today in the early morning I built a new little path - now the new Driveway Garden is completely encircled by a stone edge, and it looks amazingly good. I've done a couple of general weeding and trimming sessions (this is difficult to do when one has lost ones secateurs and hand digger). I've played with Minimus the kitten - Histeria showed her fierce bitch side this morning by charging and hissing at the little puss.

 A view of the pergola and all those lovely orange weedy daisy flowers!
Looking over the Water

I've explained to several of the Moosey cats that they were once wild kittens like Minimus. Thanks to the generosity of Mother Moosey they are now well-fed (or over-fed, in Fluff-Fluff's case), much-loved, and have a wonderful home. Minimus the kitten deserves his chance.