Full speed ahead!

 The Gunnera is growing huge already.
By the Water

Aargh! Eek! Full speed ahead - November! The gardening year is gathering speed. Can't stop to write anything - no time!

Saturday 1st November

Out - Forget-Me-Nots and Honesty. In - flowering annuals. Weeding here, there, and everywhere. Compost to spread. Roses to spray. Edges to trim. Going outside immediately.


Phew! At least November has started with a well organised burst. I've just popped inside for lunch and a cup of coffee, my clothes covered in sticky bidibids, my face smeared with dirt like a camouflaged soldier. The soil in the house borders is too dry, after all the covering forget-me-nots have been ripped out, so I've got the hoses on.

The First Day of Summer?

Someone on my new cricket radio said that November 1st is the first day of summer. Wow! That must explain why many more of my roses are flowering - like Fruhlingsgold, and the unknown pearly white climber on the houseside rose arch.

 Around the Big Gum in the house lawn, and behind to retain the Shrubbery.
Stone Walls

Spring-Summer Overlap

I think it's more accurately the start of the spring-summer overlap. The late rhododendron flowers are only just breaking out of buds, and heaps of the Wattle Woods Camellias are still in bloom. Even a patch of lazy tulips is in flower in the Shrubbery.

+10I've had cat company from an unlikely feline source - Tiger. She has been busy fighting off leaf-monsters in the grass, and making 'girly' noises showing off her big fat white tummy. Go Tiger - in this world of give and take there's sneaky fresh meat in the fridge for the cat who goes the extra mile (or kilometer). And extra points in the Most Valuable Cat Competition...

After lunch I will do the following:

  1. Shift the hoses.
  2. Water the glass-house plants.
  3. Trim the house lawn edges.
  4. Maybe do some water-race edge weeding.

Ha! An economical list, with a light dusting of detail, straight and to the point. There's a southerly change due, so that will be my indication to stop gardening. The simplest choice of all is having no choice.

 In the Frisbee Border.
Yellow Irises

Much Later...

Good things about today:

 One house border is done.

The southerly has arrived - the wind is blustering and rain is plopping down. It's too wet and noisy to keep working. I will make a pot of tea and relax.


But the house is so quiet - my lovely relatives have both gone off on planes, one to the Antarctic and one to Bangkok via Western Australia. Goodbyeeeee! I will be doing a bit of armchair travel this month!

Sunday 2nd November

Quickly - there's no time to lose. I have more of everything to do today, plus my edge trimmers to find before the lawn mower does. Why do I do this? Coffee, gardening gloves, cricket radio, sunscreen and hat - I'm off!

Late Lunchtime...

I have been weeding, randomly in location, but extremely effectively, for four hours. I really need to have a hands-and-fingers break for an hour, so I'm inside to have a coffee and twitter on a bit. Hee hee. It's a really beautiful day - sunshine, and no wind. It's funny - the garden always looks nicer when the wind isn't blowing. Hmm... I'm sure that's a Head Gardener mood thing!

This weeding push is serious, though. I need a team of under-weeders. Unfortunately Non-Gardening Partner doesn't do weeding - well, his title is a bit of a give-away. I'm having a wee adventure away from the garden this coming week - an old friend and I are going hiking in the Hurunui area for three days. That's three days less weeding. Aargh!

 Behind the pond.
Late Spring Colours

November is a scary month - so many things speed up. Sometimes I get left behind! When I feel rested up I'll go and shift the hoses and get back to work.

Monday 3rd November

I have been really good. I've weeded and planted the Lavenders in the Hen House Garden, and spread lots of compost thereon. I've watered the driest garden areas. I've stood in the water race to pull out grassy weeds from the bank by the Oak Tree Seat. Very refreshing!

Hiking Boots :
Hee hee. This is boutique, gourmet hiking - our packs are carried for us. And my friend (who is Scottish) always takes marmalade sandwiches.

Now I have to write a list for my hiking adventure, which starts tomorrow. Things to eat, and wear, and how many books to take - it's pretty easy really.

I'm looking forward to the trip. One can get a bit stuck in the garden at times - and, of course, good gardeners deserve time off.

Tuesday 4th November

I'm off! Back in three days. I'm even taking my ladies' choir music to practice (that will be nice for the sheep and cattle and birds on the track). I've packed light - just the bare essentials for raging sun, biting cold wind, rain and/or snow. Tramping in New Zealand is never dull, weather-wise...

I do have some last minute words for the Moosey house-and-garden, though. Please would the big dark pink late-flowering rhododendron in the driveway wait just three more days before bursting into colour. And would Non-Gardening Partner please continue the irrigation programme (Hen House Gardens tonight) and make sure the hens have fresh water. Their chook-cook (yum - asparagus ends and carrot peelings) is in the bowl on the bench. Thank you.