I am in a shrubby mood.

I am in a shrubby mood. I could visit the nursery every three weeks, and buy two of the nicest shrubs in flower, thus expanding my garden selection, and guaranteeing more year-round colour... Hmm...

Friday 4th August

A big decision today - should I go and buy my new shrubs instead of going swimming? This will lead nicely to a host of other decisions - What should I buy? where should I plant my new shrubs? Yesterday I wandered around the garden and saw so many gaps and spaces, the result much ripping and clearing. More light means more sun.

 There is a hebe in flower every month of the gardening year.
Purple Hebe Flower

How many Hebes can I find places for? Should I make a list? It will have to include shrub destinations. Then I will have to stick to it. Here goes - no harm in trying.

Island Bed (not very sunny)
1 Choisya Sundance, 2 Hebes, 1 Rhododendron, 1 Miscanthus grass (already got), 3 little Azaleas, 1 Viburnum, 3 Euonymus
Driveway Garden
2 Hebes, 1 Rhododendron
Wattle Woods
3 specimen trees - a Cotinus, and two small flowering cherries (Prunus Nigra?), 5 Hebes, 3 Corokias, some Olearias
Septic Tank Garden (including a hot, dryish area)
1 Choisya Sundance, 3 Lavenders, 3 Leucadendrons

I am allowed to check the bargain bin for variegated carexes and anything else I like. Since I am foregoing my personal exercise session I will take Rusty the dog for a long bicycle ride. And I will not moan about my sore hands. And I will plant everything, before we go on our Samoan holiday.

Poultry News

Yesterday my gardening friend came for the flaxes and checked out my rustic Hen-House (she likes it). It should be simple to get the fence done (with warratahs and chicken netting). Then I will have hens again! But they will be well controlled, well behaved hens! And hopefully a non-random rooster.

 Just a few flowers.
My Baby Pink Camellia

Later, Early Afternoon...

Hee, hee, hee... I've done it! My car is bursting with shrubs from every corner of the gardening world, destined for every corner of the Moosey garden. There's no time to waste! I've even bought some conifers for the rockery. I am in Hebe heaven! And I have found the most beautiful Camellia ever bred. I return in the weekend with partner's trailer to get the trees. Hee hee! Back soon, apres-planting.

Even Later...

So far, so good! I've finally fixed up the rockery, started the new Wattle Woods plantings (I cheated and bought some pots of Hellebores to add to my small collection behind the glass-house). I've extended the Laundry Path, edged it with low growing Hebes, and started planting the Septic Tank Garden. Tomorrow - the Driveway Garden, with its new rhododendrons.

Saturday 5th August

Yippee! I am behaving! I've planted the new rhododendrons in the Driveway Garden, and trimmed back the Pseudopanyx. Together with an ill-tempered Wedding Day rose it was making sharp cornering rather dangerous for intrepid driveway cyclists. Good news for flaxes - better days are nigh. I've shifted a Yellow Wave and planted a Pink Panther (which I hope stays red) next to one of my chocolate brown Corokias. Its subtle colours should thus be lifted and animated by the neighbouring plant, rather than submerged by the surrounding brown dirt!

 I have to plant them all before we go on holiday!
My New Shrubs

Sunday 6th August

Eek! We go to Samoa this coming Wednesday. I want to leave my garden in a good space. Will I have enough time to have compost and mulch around the new plantings? Hmm...

Problems With Partner...

Today I'm off outside to continue putting my new shrubs into various gardens. I also have a list of things for non-gardening partner, who seems to be finding all sorts of odd, indoor, housework-like chores to do. I know exactly what he's up to - trying to keep busy until the rain comes. Then it will be too wet to use the chainsaw, won't it!

 My house gardens have the winter look Sorry about the dirty steps!.
Head Gardener Busy Thinking - with Cat Company

I require penance for him spending a lovely sunny weekend day (yesterday) on the ski fields. I also require some fence repairs - definitely another partner-task. Better set a good example and get started before the weather deteriorates - the threatened rain is oddly coming down the island from the north.

 A weedy shrub I love!
Variegated Mallow

Small Thought...

Small thought - would a sensible gardener hold off planting new shrubs near the fences until they are repaired and painted? Or will the new shrubs be small enough for this not to matter? I can always drape them with dust sheets...


The wet weather arrived - just time for a couple of hours work. My Laundry Path now joins up with the Apple Tree Garden, and more new shrubs are firmly in place. I have fallen in love with some small variegated Euonymus, rescued from the bargain bin for one dollar each. I am sure they will make a lovely informal edging. And in the middle of winter the golden Escallonia looks wonderful - robustly gold, if you know what I mean.

Even Later...

I did return to the garden and got damply drizzled on. The new connecting path between the laundry and the Pond Paddock looks lovely, and takes such a sensible route. As usual, I may have finally got a path 'right', after several failed attempts. Imagine if I'd concreted or laid in some permanent surface! Eek!