Going away...

 Looking over the Frisbee Lawn.
Autumn Elm Tree

During the final days of March I am away from home and garden - I only have two or three days to enjoy the early autumn ambience of the Moosey garden (and the cricket).

Saturday 20th March

Firstly two things to note - we are off to the first great pre-Easter nursery sale! Yippee! I don't know until I get there how much money I am allowed to spend - this could be confusing?

Away for Nine Days!

Then tomorrow I will be away from the garden for NINE days - I am up in Tauranga with some sports teams from my school. Eek! I hope I can get out and about to see some North Island gardens. I will be back at the end of the month to complete the March diary. And now back to the immediate gardening day...

Yellow Pseudopanax :
I love variegated plants, and this pseudopanax is no exception. It's called 'Gold Splash'.

It's later, and I am back from the first Easter nursery sale, with a modestly small group of new plants - two pseudopanaxes (which have golden new growth), a hosta (whose name will be faithfully recorded), and an odd climber which is going on a post near the car bridge.

There are also some amazing rhododendron bargains at the sale, but I don't really have any sensible room for them. What a pity!

Having a Gardening Rest...

I am just having a gardening rest from weeding and slicing a further two meters of sloping water race edge. It's been sunny and calm, the water has been gurgling and burbling past, the cricket has going pretty well - a typical March morning in paradise.

 Large white Nicotiana.
Large white Nicotiana

Much Later...

Well, well, well - as if by magic the trailer which offers sale price plants was out on the roadside for possibly the second time in twelve months! A fitting reward after more shovelling and slicing of the water race edge, planting grasses, and pressing in stones. So now I have quite a nice enlarged collection of sale plants, all of which will have to wait until I am back from my travels.

Hope everything grows well while I'm away! Back in nine days time.